When I was seven years old, I remember my parents receiving an invitation via mail cordially inviting our family to an extended family reunion for my mother’s side of the family at a local reception venue.  Although too young to appreciate it then, I remember the curiosity and excitement my mother had in the weeks leading up to the event.  I overheard her on the phone with her mom and siblings discussing if “aunt so-and-so” would be there or if “cousin what’s-his-name” would make the trip.

It is no surprise that the intrigue of family reunions has lost its appeal over the last decade or so. With today’s advancements in social media, Skype, email, and texting, it is much easier to stay connected with friends and family who may live in another city, state or country.  It seems like there is no “catching up,” as we have the accessibility to watch their lives pan out via a digital timeline.

But is the idea of family reunion making a comeback?  Those same advancements in technology that keep us connected online can make the task of organizing the event that much more convenient.  Gone are the days of creating a list of guests, tracking down mailing addresses and waiting for a response via phone or email.  With digital invitations, such Evite, and accessibility via Facebook messenger, texting or emailing, the guest list is a click away.

It just takes one person to initiate the task of organizing the next family reunion “offline” – why not have it be you?  Here is a helpful link from “Better Homes & Gardens” to reference while planning the next one: http://www.bhg.com/health-family/reunions/planning/your-midsize-family-reunion-a-planning-checklist/

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