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Joanne is the Veterans Benefits Specialist for Rothkoff Law Group, elder law firm. Joanne comes to us with a wealth of personal experience in dealing with the elderly and their families. She is extremely knowledgeable in the area of VA pension benefits with aid and attendance. Joanne, her husband and their three children live in Cherry Hill. Joanne is an active member of her church where she volunteers.

Veterans Day is November 11, 2017.  This is a day we need to take a moment to tell our veterans we appreciate their dedication and sacrifice. There are several ways we can honor and care for our vets.  Volunteering at a local American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars is a good way to show […]

The State of Pennsylvania Office for Veteran’s Affairs services over 894,000.00 Veterans and offer many services available to assist our veterans.  Each county has an individual local office available to assist veterans with a variety of services from real estate tax exemptions for disabled veterans, state Veteran’s homes, educational gratuity, Veteran’s Trust Fund, as well […]

  The state of New Jersey has many programs and benefits for New Jersey Veterans. There are medical health centers and clinics throughout the state. The state has established programs to assist with Veterans who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress disorder and counseling helplines to assist with suicide prevention and substance abuse treatments. The state […]

Veterans Day, November 11,  2016 With Veteran’s day a few weeks away, I just wanted to extend  my personal thank you to every man or woman Veteran who served or is currently defending our country.  Our veterans give their time and talents to keep our country free. Personally, my mother served in World War II, […]

There has been many news reporting’s recently regarding the state of the VA Health Care System.  While there is still a lot of work that needs to be addressed and corrected with how the VA monitors and manages the health care system, they have made finding care in a veteran’s home town much easier. The […]

I often wondered how the body and mind work as we age.  I recently read an article on an experiment that was done several years ago to determine how much environment has an impact on a senior’s well-being. The experiment took 8, 72 year old men, who were frail, using canes and walkers and placed […]

Every now and then, I go to the internet to find inspiration for my blog.  I ran across an article that touched my heart.  Childhood sweethearts married in 1947 while the man was on leave from the Navy.  In the two years he was in the service, he wrote his lady 131 letters.  They had […]

Medicare – A Big Mystery I am very proud to say that in a few short years, 9 to be exact, I will one of the millions of American who will be entering the Medicare system, and frankly it scares me.  I recently read an article regarding how Medicare pays doctors for their services.  Currently, […]

VA Health Care – Still a Good Option This is an article I recently wrote for a professional industry newsletter.  I hope it gives you a bit to think about. It still surprises me today how many veterans have no knowledge of what benefits they could be entitled to through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  […]

Coming in for a Landing In the grand scheme of life, no one knows where they will land.  Seven years ago, a friend advised me of an open position at a local law firm in Cherry Hill. Although, I had not worked in an office for many years, I decided to give it a try […]

Life Changes

March 22, 2014 Blog

Recently, I have learned that when you least expect it, the well-ordered world that you knew changes course. It’s a life changing event that we are rarely prepared for. My 89 year old mother recently had a fall and broke her femur. I have been traveling back and forth from Cherry Hill, to Philadelphia. I […]

With the holidays, right around the corner, I thought I would write about how special memories of our loved ones at holiday time, can bring a tear of sadness and joy to our eyes.  Whether you celebrate Hanukah, Christmas or Kwanza, there is always a special memory we have from our childhood that brings back […]

This year is a very special one for our family.  My youngest child, Michael, achieved the highest honor in Boy Scouting, Eagle Scout.  Michael is just 15 years-old, and has aspirations of joining the military to utilize the skills he learned and to do his part to defend our country. While writing this blog post, […]

VA Benefits – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly By: Joanne Solometo – VA Case Manager During my time with the Rothkoff Law Group, I can honestly say that I have seen the good, bad and ugly when it comes to the Department of Veterans Affairs.  I would like to take this time to explain. […]