November is often known as a time of reflection and gratitude. This month our team spent time supporting our professional partners at happy hours, events and seminars. Keep an eye out next month for our upcoming 2017 calendar of events for Caregiver Professionals and for updates in elder law as 2017 quickly approaches. The Rothkoff […]

Premiums for Medicare Part B will rise by a modest amount in the new year. The average premium for Part B, which covers physician services, outpatient hospital services and medical equipment, will rise to approximately $109 for most retirees, according to an announcement from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. That’s just slightly more […]

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With Black Friday here, bargain shoppers everywhere are enjoying the special offers by retailers to kick off the holiday shopping season. It has been predicted that offline sales this year will hit over $10 billion (that’s billion, with a B!); however, with the option to indulge in sales via the internet, online purchases are expected […]

ADVICE FROM JANIE DE LEON-MALE, CARE COORDINATOR –  ROTHKOFF LAW GROUP While the holiday season is joyous for many people, it can present complications for those who are caregivers of the elderly. Janie De Leon-Male, Director of Care Coordination at Rothkoff Law Group, explains, “People love the holidays but many become overwhelmed when coordinating all of […]

Thinking about long term care can be overwhelming.  Particularly how to get the best care possible and figure out how to pay for it without going broke.  Fortunately, starting early and seeking professional assistance will ease much of this burden. The following are four tips to consider when you start planning early for your long […]

After the election results, it is to be determined what changes may occur to the Affordable Care  Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare.  However, a new benefit for Medicare beneficiaries is scheduled to begin in 2018.  Medicare will start paying for a strategy to help millions of older Americans at high risk of diabetes from developing the disease. […]

For most of us, the holiday season is filled with joy. We get to spend time with loved ones, enjoy delicious holiday foods and share meaningful gifts with one another. At the same time, the holiday season can also be the cause of much-added stress and this can be especially true for the elderly and […]

Many seniors, particularly, low-income seniors, struggle to receive adequate dental care.  Traditional Medicare doesn’t usually cover dental care unless it’s related to services received in a hospital. Medicare Advantage managed care plans generally provide some dental care, but the coverage can vary, and often is minimal, dental advocates say. Senior advocates want Medicare to add a dental benefit […]

Rothkoff Law Group is committed to helping seniors and their families navigate through the difficult legal issues involving the aging process. We also provide training to professional caregivers, the general public and our Rothkoff community throughout South Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania. Our commitment is to help seniors and we advocate for education at all levels. […]

We are updating you on CMS’ revised regulations banning binding arbitration in nursing home admission agreements. The American Health Care Association last onday filed a lawsuit challenging part of a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulation that would ban nursing homes from entering into arbitration agreements. The organization, along with four long-term care providers, filed […]

Because I Love You

October 28, 2016 Aging, Blog

How many times when you were young did you hear your parents say, “Because I said so.” as a response to your anger or frustration that they wouldn’t let you have your way with something.  As the years pass and we mature, we realize that when we heard that statement, what our parents were really saying […]

As we have previous advised, the Veterans Administration has proposed revised regulations, which, among other changes, would implement a three year look back for transfers of assets prior to applying for the aid and attendance benefit. We have recently learned that the date of implementation of the proposed VA rulemaking AO73, Net Worth, Asset Transfers, and Income […]

Veterans Day, November 11,  2016 With Veteran’s day a few weeks away, I just wanted to extend  my personal thank you to every man or woman Veteran who served or is currently defending our country.  Our veterans give their time and talents to keep our country free. Personally, my mother served in World War II, […]