This weekend, my mother-in-law returned from the Philippines to permanently live with us in the United States. With her, came my five year-old niece. A few weeks ago, I talked about multigenerational vacations. I wanted to spend this week’s column discussing multi-generational households. I am lucky in that my brother-in-law is also a member of the […]

Despite all the data and tools available, coupled with the United States being the most abundant food-producing nation in the world, many older adults simply do not receive the nutrients that they need. Malnutrition, a complicated issue, may follow. Defined as a diet low in calcium, protein and calories, as well as inadequate fluid intake, […]

We’re well past the halfway point for summer, and thousands of families in our area will be planning their last trip to the Jersey shore. But, this year’s trip may include grandparents, aunts and uncles in the family getaway. Multigenerational travel has recently become one of the fastest growing areas of the travel industry. According to […]

What is Depression? Depression is a complex but treatable illness and is the most common emotional disorder that occurs in males, females, young and old. Sadness is the predominant feeling. Characteristics of Depression – Generalized feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism, and emptiness characterize a depressed person. What are Some Myths about Depression? It is erroneously […]

A recent NAELA News article by Robert Anderson discusses the process for deducting assisted living facility (ALF) costs on federal individual income tax returns. Internal Revenue Code (IRC) § 7702B provides rules for deducting certain qualified long-term care costs as medical expenses. Normally, the costs of nursing home care should be deductible, but the status […]

“Respite” refers to a short time of rest or relief. Respite care provides a break from the typical care routine. Respite care also ensures that your elderly loved one still receives the attention that he or she needs. Respite care is something that every caregiver should consider in order to remain physically, mentally and emotionally […]

We live in a 15-minute world. High patient caseloads and a disjointed health care system make it difficult for us to communicate our concerns or ensure that all of our questions are answered, when advocating for our parents’ care. Oftentimes, health care professionals are forced to see one patient after another in a short period […]

Being physically fit could hold back the advance of Alzheimer’s disease, University of Kansas researchers have suggested.  Their study, published in the journal Neurology, looked at 121 people aged over 60, around half of them in the early stages of the disease.  Those with Alzheimer’s who were less fit had four times more signs of […]

Pet owners, myself included, consider their pets as part of their families. A 2001 survey by the American Animal Hospital Association found that 83 percent of pet owners refer to themselves as their pet’s “mom” or “dad.” But what happens to pets when their “parent” becomes incapacitated or dies? The most effective way for a […]

CCRCs offer the entire residential continuum—from independent housing to assisted living to round-the-clock nursing services—under one “roof.” Residents pay an entry fee and an adjustable monthly rent in return for the guarantee of care for the rest of their life. Because CCRCs maintain an assortment of on-site medical and social services and facilities, residents can […]

Using Your Power of Attorney One of the most frustrating experiences for the clients of elder law attorneys can come when a properly prepared and completely valid power of attorney is rejected by a bank, brokerage house, insurance company or other financial institution. Clients (and, more to the point, their spouses, children or other agents […]

NJ Implements Long-Term Care Insurance Program The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (”DRA”) authorized the expansion of the Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program into the various states. New Jersey’s Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program was approved by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (”CMS”) on February 12, 2008 and became effective on July 1, […]

As caregivers, we balance many different roles. Many of us have full-time jobs while caring for our parents. Many human resources executives believe that elder care will be to the 21st century what child care was to the last few decades. If you feel as if you’re the only caregiver attempting to balance your work and […]