You promised your loved one that you would never place them in a nursing home. But, you find that you can no longer manage their care within their own home or your home. You’re trying your best to balance all of your responsibilities, but you can feel the emotional, psychological, and physical strains on your […]

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a garden, with the sun shining down on your face, the wind blowing in the background, and the scent of flowers tickling your nose? You feel a sense of serenity and peace, don’t you? How do you feel after you’ve planted your perennials in your front […]

We all know that paying for care can be expensive, whether it be home health care, adult medical day care, assisted living, or nursing home care. And with limited community based benefits, where can you turn to ensure that you have the funds to pay for it? The Veterans Aid and Attendance program is a […]

It pains you to see it, but you’ve been noticing it more and more. It’s harder for your loved ones to see. They’re struggling with reading the newspaper, or navigating through a room without bumping into things. According to Dr. John Szczepanski, a local optometrist, the following five eye conditions are associated with the aging […]

We know that there are many losses associated with the aging process, with hearing loss being one of them. What are some telltale signs of hearing loss? How can we make sure that we’re not overlooking our loved one’s care in this area? And what we can do to support our loved one’s, if they […]

Death is a subject that we often don’t want to think or talk about. As a Western society, we tend to be “death-averse.” But as caregivers, we’ve invested so much of our physical and emotional selves to the care of our loved ones that to face their impending passing may pose a threat to our […]

Since I’ve started this column, I’ve gotten enormous feedback and questions from readers about their elderly loved ones and driving, “Dad insists that he’s okay behind the wheel, but I am so worried about him. He can barely see above the steering wheel. How can I talk to him about taking his keys away, but […]

Many times, caregivers in the area are surprised to learn that I work with an elder law attorney, “A social worker with an elder law attorney. How does that work?” But it makes perfect sense. How many times have your peers encouraged you to see an elder law attorney for your parents? Many of your […]

You may have come to the realization that it is time find alternative placement for your aging parents. Yes, they were living independently and managing their affairs very well – with your love and support – but you notice that they are starting to need more care than you can provide. They may have been […]

I often get calls from families who are in crisis. The adult children are calling me from the hospital because their elderly loved one fell. As a “boomer,” you have the ability to be proactive in ensuring that the environment in which your elderly loved one resides is safe and free of hazards that could […]

In my previous columns, I discussed how caregiving was like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. You have to pull on different resources, such as friends, family, or community volunteers to make it work. One of the pieces of that puzzle may involve hiring a home health care agency to provide you with the […]

Did you know that stroke remains our nation’s third-leading killer? According to the National Stroke Association, stroke strikes about 730,000 Americans each year – killing 160,000 and forever altering the lives of the 570,000 who survive. I am the granddaughter of a stroke survivor. My mother and I are one of the 570,000 whose lives […]