As the Geriatric Care Coordinator here at Rothkoff Law Group, I speak with our clients’ caregivers frequently about the importance of recognizing and addressing caregiver stress and burnout. The high demands of caregiving make doing so essential for both the caregiver and their loved one. The WebMD website offers a quick and easy to read slideshow on “Caregiver’s Guide to Healthy Decisions”. This slideshow lists fourteen ways to avoid caregiver burnout. 

In my experience I have found these 3 tips work best to stay on task on lessen the risk of burnout overtime. 

1. Sleep is Not Overrated

It is easy to say but not as easy to do.  Caring for someone professionally while managing a personal home life and caring for yourself – time can get away from you trying to fit it all in. Often times YOU end up short changing yourself. Don’t. Make time to rest, it is proven to be worth the hype.

2. Seek Help – Take a Break

Sometimes the day to day changes or there becomes a time when things are hectic – it is OK to reach out for help before you get overwhelmed and burnt out. Remember you deserve a break too. 

3. Join a Support Group

We believe in this so much we are now hosting our own monthly Caregiver Support Group at our Cherry Hill, NJ office.  Being surrounded by others who can relate, understand and support you can really make an impact. Consider joining a group or join us!

About Jennifer

Jennifer is the Geriatric Care Coordinator with the Rothkoff Law Group, an elder care law firm. Jennifer brings over 10 years of extensive experience in advocacy for seniors and their families. Jennifer has served as a coordinator for Medicare and Medicaid enrollments, including community benefits and entitlements with a focus of in home environment. Jennifer’s has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Justice from Rowan University and additional training at the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. When not in the office, Jennifer enjoys playing tennis and soccer, and spending time with friends and family.

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