There are many benefits from the power human interaction, especially when interacting with an individual with a diagnosis of dementia. A simple internet search can offer many resources to educate caregivers on proper techniques when caring for someone with cognitive impairments.

One resource I often share with family members of my clients is that of Teepa Snow, a renowned expert in the field who developed the “Positive Approach to Dementia Training.” The program provides tips and techniques for the most productive and appropriate manner to provide better care for the individual.  On her website, you can find interactive modules to walk you through managing the care needs when the individual may be resistant to what we find as simple tasks, including bathing, dressing, grooming, and eating.  Teepa’s program “Positive Approach to Dementia Training,” has been adopted by many long-term care communities and home care services to provide the best care for those with dementia.

I had the privilege of participating in one of her training sessions that was offered by Senior Helpers, one of the many non-medical home care agencies that utilize her approach.  Teepa’s enthusiasm and dedication toward the program was contagious.

Teepa’s interactive website is a wonderful tool for professionals and family members to provide useful tips to respond to the challenges presented with caregiving.  Please consider looking into Teepa’s Snow’s website to learn more about her “Positive Approach to Dementia Training” at

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