Finding and Evaluating a Long-Term Care Facility Selecting a long-term care facility is not an easy job. Often the search for a nursing home takes place under the gun, when a hospital is threatening discharge or it’s no longer possible for the loved one to live at home. You may have more time when investigating […]

An Alternate to a Retirement Home REUTERS A British retiree has decided to sail the world permanently on a luxury cruise ship because its costs little more than staying in a retirement home, a newspaper reported yesterday. Beatrice Muller, 82, pays only 55 percent of the official brochure price for making her home on the […]

The Poem of a Nursing Home Resident (Yizkor) The old women had nothing and no one, however, upon her death, her nurses found the following letter: What do you see, nurses, what do you see, What are you thinking when you’re looking at me? A crabby old women, not very wise, Who dribbles her food […]

Caring for Parents Can Take an Emotional, Financial Toll By: Associated Press When Marilyn Raschka’s parents hit their late 80s, it became increasingly apparent they were having trouble coping in their Hartford, Wis., home. Her father suffered bouts of depression and at one point needed to be hospitalized. Her mother lost interest in cooking, stopped […]

Medicare Skilled Nursing Home Benefit: A Limited but Valuable Benefit The Medicare skilled nursing facility (SNF) benefit provides limited but valuable health care benefits for Medicare beneficiaries. It is, however, one of the most misunderstood areas of Medicare. Many people mistakenly believe that Medicare does not cover nursing home care at all. Others believe that […]

Free Application Services Yes, nursing homes and hospital discharge planners provide application assistance at no charge. In the majority of cases there’s no risk in using these services, if you’ve checked it out with an attorney ahead of time. But there’s a great risk in using these services without first consulting an Elder Law attorney. […]

National Elder Law Month The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys has declared May 2001 “National Elder Law Month.” During the month, Elder Law attorneys throughout the nation will conduct free seminars on legal issues effecting the elderly. Locally, Cherry Hill Mayor Susan Bass Levin has graciously declared May 2001, National Elder Law Month in […]

Living Better, But Not Much Longer The belief that science will deliver the Fountain of Youth, allowing us all to live to 100, even 150 or beyond, is a common theme in modern culture. A healthy lifestyle is certainly important for quality of life, say Jay Olshansky and Bruce Carnes, experts on aging from […]

Selecting a Nursing Home for a Loved One “Trust us. Trust us with your spouse, your mother, your father, your grandparent or any other loved one. We know it’s difficult for you to take care of them in your home. We have a great staff that really cares. Your loved one will make new friends […]

Planning for Disabled Children Americans are living linger than they did in years past, including those with disabilities. According to one count, 480,000 adults with mental retardation are living with parents who are 60 or older. This figure does not include those with other forms of disability nor those who live separately, but still depend […]

The Burgeoning World of the Web It is a whole new world out there. Sitting at your home computer, you can communicate with all parts of the world, collect information on almost any topic, and download Social Security, tax and other forms. But navigating the world wide web can be a bit daunting. Here are […]

GAO Reports on U.S. Nursing Homes Associated Press Two years after federal investigators found serious care problems at many of the nations 17,000 nursing homes, a new government report cites progress but notes an increase in homes with deficiencies. “Vigilance by both state and federal officials must be unrelenting to ensure the safety and well-being […]

Estate Planning Wills: One Size Does Not Fit All Every adult ought to have a Will. Unfortunately , many individuals do not have Wills at all, and their estates are settled by rules promulgated by the State. Even worse, many people who have Wills have poorly drafted documents that will not effectively carry out their […]