A few years ago, I noticed a woman at church who greatly resembled my Aunt Jean.  I never seemed to have the chance to meet or speak with her and one day, I came upon her obituary in the newspaper.  She had passed suddenly and my first reaction was that I was sorry I hadn’t […]

The upcoming holiday season after experiencing the loss of a loved one can be difficult, especially for the first few years.  It is important to honor the memory of your lost family member while also still enjoying the holidays with your family and friends.  In my family, we keep these memories alive through simple traditions […]

Who knew that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is one of only twenty United States jurisdictions which collect a state death tax? For the Pennsylvania resident decedent, regardless of whether the beneficiaries live in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery or Delaware Counties, or beyond the borders of the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Inheritance tax will likely impact any inheritance. […]

When my children were young, some of the best gifts their grandparents could receive, and looked forward to, were always personal and homemade. Whether it was a hand-drawn birthday card, a painting from art class, or a special object created at school; all of these special things were proudly displayed in their grandparents’ homes. We […]

This past October, my Aunt Betty passed away after a sudden illness at the age of 94.  My Aunt was truly amazing for her age and I always enjoyed visiting with her in her beautiful home in Valley Forge, PA. and hearing so many funny stories about when she and my Mom and their family […]

Below is our lead article from our 2016 Spring newsletter just out: 16 YEARS OF ELDER LAW ACCORDING TO SPRINGSTEEN, by Jerold E. Rothkoff My wife, knowing that I am a huge Springsteen fan, recently gave me a new wallet as a gift with a Springsteen quote engraved on the wallet.  This wonderful, thoughtful gift […]

Many caregiver children of aging parents contact us after a medical crisis occurs.  The children are typically scrambling to understand their parents’ finances in order to pay bills, determine which accounts still exist, pay taxes, and determine how to afford potential long-term care expenses.  We help the caregiver children with accessing quality care and how to plan with the […]

A recent study compared the long-term care industry in California, Ontario, Canada, England, and Norway as to the extent to which ownership of nursing facilities has shifted from the public sector to private for-profit and not-for-profit companies, and how this shift affects the transparency of information and accountability for public reimbursement. The international study found that increases […]

We are hearing many things from the Presidential candidates, both good and bad.  However, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, the one important topic that is not being debated is how an increasing elderly US population will pay for future long-term care expenses.  This is one of the most important public policy issues facing our […]

It is important for nursing home residents and their families to fully understand what is contained in a nursing home admission contract prior to signing the agreement.  One of the provisions that is likely contained in a nursing home admission contract is an arbitration provision.  Below is a New York Times article regarding whether an agent […]

We work with many families who agonize over the necessity to place a loved one in a nursing home.  It is never an easy decision.  As an elder care law firm, our goal is to help the caregiver loved ones do what is best for the elderly individual, and minimize the financial and emotional impact on a […]

Our goal, as an elder care law firm, is to help families navigate the long-term care process when caring for a chronically disabled loved one.  An unfortunate example of the complicated long-term care health system is illustrated in a February 7, 2016 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Pennsylvania resident, Charles  Prozzillo, a dialysis patient due to […]