Rothkoff Quarterly

Click to Download or Print PDF:  Winter 2003 Medicaid Planning: Stealing from America? Nursing Homes Must Post Staffing Information for Families Guidebook Helps with Transition to a Nursing Home   ABOUT THE FIRM: ANNOUNCEMENTS On November 14-15, 2002, Jerry Rothkoff attended a nursing home litigation conference held in Tucson, Arizona sponsored by Lawyers and Judges Publishing. […]

Rothkoff Quarterly: Summer 2002 — This quarter we give Elder Law answers, share a Study with Centenarians’ siblings also likely to hit 100, value of Geriatric Day and how new developments in Nursing Homes impact client counceling.

Rothkoff Quarterly: Fall 2001 — This quarter we offered advice for Finding and Evaluating a Long-Term Care Facility, discuss Nursing Facility Admissions Agreement and how Asian Americans are most likey to care for elders.

Rothkoff Quarterly: Spring 2001 — This quarter we covered National Elder Law Month and discussed topics including: free application services, tips for selecting a nursing home and whether or not to consult and attorney to help protect your assest from nursing home expenses.

Click to Download or Print PDF: Winter 2001 Estate Planning Wills: One Size Does Not Fit All GAO Reports on U.S. Nursing Homes The Burgeoning World of the Web Planning for Disabled Children   ABOUT THE FIRM: ANNOUNCEMENTS Jerold E. Rothkoff is proud to announce that his wife, Erica is pregnant with their second set of twins. An August 2001 […]