Joanne Solometo

Joanne Solometo – Veterans Benefits Specialist

In her role as the VA Benefits Specialist for our office, Joanne has grown to be extremely knowledgeable in the area of VA pension benefits with aid and attendance.  Joanne has also assisted our families with enrollment in the VA Health System and admittance into the state run VA nursing homes in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Joanne has attended and facilitated many seminars and focus groups on the potential financial benefit of the VA aid and attendance program and how it can assist families with financial stability.

Joanne comes to us with a wealth of personal experience in dealing with the elderly and their families. As a caregiver to elderly parents and family members for over ten years, she knows the importance of a sympathetic ear and positive attitude.

Joanne, and her husband Frank have three children and live in Cherry Hill. Joanne is an active member of her church and is a leader of song for weekend services.


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