A local personal care home recently invited me to speak to a dementia support group hosted in their community.  I was asked to speak on options available to finance the high cost of long-term care and options to protect assets, particularly for a spouse.  15 people attended.

Before we started, I asked everyone to briefly introduce themselves and why they joined the group.  As the stories poured out, a common theme emerged:  While a few mentioned financial or legal concerns, every attendee expressed care concerns.  Each one expressed worry about identifying not only high-quality care, but also an appropriate level of care.  This small group echoed the same sentiment I hear in our office day after day.

Legal and financial concerns are almost universally secondary to the care concerns expressed by the families we help.  Without question, a source of payment for good care is necessary.  Without questions, legal protections for loved ones are critical.  But our first job is to find the best care possible, in the most independent environment.  Only then do we focus on identifying payer sources and options to protect assets.

Fortunately, our team of Care Coordinators, Public Benefits Specialists, Elder Law Attorneys, and other long-term care professionals, are able to develop, implement, and monitor a Life Care Plan designed for the very purpose of getting the best care possible, and figuring out how to pay for it without going broke.

About Bryan Adler

Bryan Adler, Esq. is a Philadelphia based Certified Elder Law Attorney with offices in Trevose and South Jersey. Mr. Adler contributes educational articles and is a speaker on elder law topics including: life care planning, asset protection, veterans’ benefits, guardianship and related topics throughout Greater Philadelphia. Mr. Adler is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, serves on the Advocacy and Litigation Steering Committee, a Veterans Administration accredited attorney, a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Elder Law Attorneys and the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association, and a past member of the Hospice of Pennsylvania Ethics Board. Mr. Adler is a council member of the Drexel University School of Law Alumni Council. A graduate of Pennsylvania State University and Drexel University School of Law.

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