The State of Pennsylvania Office for Veteran’s Affairs services over 894,000.00 Veterans and offer many services available to assist our veterans.  Each county has an individual local office available to assist veterans with a variety of services from real estate tax exemptions for disabled veterans, state Veteran’s homes, educational gratuity, Veteran’s Trust Fund, as well as other programs available to assist our Veterans.

There are many ways an individual who is not a Veteran can contribute to these programs.  One way is to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Pennsylvania Veterans’ Memorial fund.  You can also honor our Veterans with the purchase of a specialized license plate.  In addition, you can make a voluntary contribution of only $3.00 when you apply for or renew your driver’s license.  This money and any contribution made to the State of Pennsylvania Office of Veteran’s Affairs will be used directly towards all programs offered to our Veterans.

The state has compiled a booklet with all the services, donation sites, and contact information for each county listed.  Below is a link so you can see all of the programs and services offered to our veterans by the State of Pennsylvania Office of Veteran’s Affairs.





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