April is National Pet Month, and we celebrated by playing a fun pet matching game on our company Facebook page with a teaser on Instagram.  You can see by the number of photos, our Rothkoff employees love pets.

Below are the answers to your burning questions of which pet belongs to which team member. Enjoy the pick me up with our furry friends!

Want to take a guess before you see the results?  Check out our Facebook album here, before scrolling down.




A. Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen 2

 B. Kaitlin Dirkx

Kaitlin Dirkx

C. Kathleen Magee

Kathleen Magee

D. Jerry Rothkoff

Jerry Rothkoff

E. Amy Weirach

Amy Weirauch

F. Melanie Kaplan

Melanie Kaplan

G. Jacinda Graham

Jacinda Graham

H. Nimisha D’Uva

Nimisha D'Uva

I. Stephanie Fisch

Stephanie Fisch

J. Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen 1

K. Jennifer Cooley

Jennifer Cooley

L. Bryan Adler

Bryan Adler

M. Jane Fearn-Zimmer

Jane Fearn-Zimmer

N. and O. Jennifer Luberski

Jennifer Luberski 1

Jennifer Luberski 2

P. Lois Cohen

Lois Cohen

Pets are more than just fun, they are an important part of our everyday lives.  So important that several staff members have written articles about them, click the links below to find out more.

The Health Benefits of Having a Pet (Especially Dogs)

Are There Benefits to Getting a Pet for Seniors?

Death with Dignity for Our Beloved Pets

Pet Trusts Offer Senior Clients Peace of Mind… If They Are No Longer Able to Care for Their Pets

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