April 10, 2011

Dear Jerry,

I am writing to you and your staff to thank you for all the help you have provided us over the years. As I look back over the 5 years we have worked together concerning my mother’s issues it amazes me how well we all did keeping her as functional and cared for as possible. It is clear to all of us in our family that we could not have done it without your help.

Both you and your staff were always there for us. Whenever we needed anything concerning Mom’s affairs or even just general advice, with lightning speed my calls and emails were returned with excellent information and guidance. All I heard from your side was “No problem, we will take care of it” or “This is what I suggest and these are your options.” With all the details we had to work through, these responses were of the greatest value. My mind was clear; Jerry is taking care of it.

But also, your help went way beyond legal or financial advice. Your staff provided us with objective and compassionate direction concerning Mom’s continuing health issues. For example, how to look for assistance, what to do next as her dementia worsened –– I can go on and on with many other examples.

It was never a problem to ask advice or direction from you or your staff. Many people have lawyers who can do the law, but Mom had a lawyer who cared about her as a person, and for this we all thank you.

In closing, Jerry, when we started out on this long journey we knew nothing about how to care for my mother. With your help and guidance we kept our promise to keep Mom in her home as long as possible. This was her only wish. You and your staff made this possible. I can say without hesitation you are the best investment I ever made!!

Thank you again, we will not forget.

Yours truly,

Stephen J. Scarantino

Dear Stephen,
Thank you so much for your very kind words. Your thoughts make our firm’s efforts worth the investment.
–– Jerry Rothkoff

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