Dear Jerry:

Thank you for all you did to relieve us of the burden of financial obligations for mom’s medical care. She passed away on December 22, 2008. Mom was a real trooper, a profile in courage. Although she was paralyzed and unable to care for herself physically for over eleven years, mom remained upbeat, humorous, witty, and full of concern for others. She carried herself with dignity and grace.

The quiet afternoons we spent together solving the crimes on “Law and Order” or predicting the outcome of the presidential election were filled with peace and joy.

I was blessed to be able to bring mom to a gathering celebrating my sister’s 60th birthday.  She was able to play with her four great-grandchildren once more. She passed away three weeks later. I miss her terribly but know she is with my father – no more pain, suffering, or sorrow. I will always remember your professionalism, expertise, and kindness.


Joanne Sanvardine

Dear Joanne, I am touched by your thoughts and for your wonderful story of the relationship with your mom.

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