Those of you who know us well recognize that we keep a hectic pace throughout the day.  We are obsessed with taking care of clients, working with outside professionals, and building a great elder care law team.  Twelve hour days fly by and then it’s time to share experiences with family and friends.  Our philosophy is to attempt to enhance the lives of the seniors and those with disabilities we represent.  I want to thank our entire team for all they do.

I have been managing an elder care law firm for over 18 years.  I am very proud of the team we have assembled.  Passion, compassion, work ethic, comradery, support, excellence.  Fill in the blanks – they have it all.  Every single team member is devoted to his or her area of expertise and it shows.  It is rare that a prospective client doesn’t sing the praises of a team member.  Later, when the client is in the midst of our process, the accolades continue: “I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done.  We would never have accomplished the plan with everything else that is going on with mom.”

I am not going to say it was easy because there is no way to minimize what our team does.  It helps that every team member is dedicated to the mission.  Are there moments of overwhelming stress?  Most definitely.  Are we heartbroken that a client we have worked with for several years passes away?  Absolutely.

We work hard to accomplish our goal of advocating for seniors and those with disabilities.  We know that teamwork is the key.  The past 18 years have been incredible.  As any business owner knows, keeping great people is imperative. I am thankful each and every day to surround myself with this great group of leaders in our industry.