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By Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer, Esquire Clients frequently want to know whether they may make gifts to their children and grandchildren for birthdays, holidays or to assist the child financially.  It is not uncommon to encounter confusion between the federal gift tax regulations with the Medicaid regulations, which are two entirely distinct sets of rules. Many […]

  Akin to insurance for your home and property, the key legal documents to avoid a crisis are essential. Every competent adult needs a Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA) and a financial power of attorney (POA). Long-term care insurance is also very important for those over age forty to protect you, your care, and […]

If a Medicaid applicant gives away assets without receiving fair market value in return during the five year Medicaid look back period, a Medicaid penalty period for the uncompensated transfer of assets will generally result.  The Medicaid penalty period runs prospectively from the date the applicant is determined otherwise eligible for Medicaid. As a practical […]

As a parent and a practicing attorney, I love the New Year’s season, which brings along with the hats, horns and glittery ball dropping in Time’s Square, the opportunity to reflect on what worked well during the past year, and to plan for the future.  In the coming days, set aside some time to consider […]

Who knew that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is one of only twenty United States jurisdictions which collect a state death tax? For the Pennsylvania resident decedent, regardless of whether the beneficiaries live in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery or Delaware Counties, or beyond the borders of the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Inheritance tax will likely impact any inheritance. […]

Navigating the long-term care continuum can be very confusing. There are so many facilities out there, and each one has its own advantages. How do you choose the best facility for your loved one? It’s almost as bewildering as trying to find the right bathing suit, only so much more important! There are various tools […]

By Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer, Esquire Reports of identity theft and other financial scams are becoming more and more frequent. Recently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) warned of fraudulent tax schemes perpetrated by fraudsters claiming to work for the Service and other government agencies.  One ruse involves criminals posing as IRS agents. They manipulate telephone caller […]

This past February, Jerry and I both blogged on the ABLE Act, which created a new type of tax-advantaged savings plans for the benefit of disabled individuals under § 529A of the federal Internal Revenue Code.  ABLE accounts will be somewhat similar to educational savings accounts established under I.R.C. § 529.  The new provision is […]


February 27, 2015 Blog, Law Update

By Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer, Esquire Jerold E. Rothkoff, Esquire blogged on new legislation passed by Congress called the ABLE Act, which allows  people who can show that they become disabled prior to the age of twenty-six (26) and their families, to enjoy tax-favored savings for a variety of expenses, by establishing an  a savings account […]

Recent Developments in NJ Guardianship Law Where an adult is incapacitated and cannot make decisions for herself, and that adult has no pre-existing, valid power of attorney, or the power of attorney is no longer effective, a guardianship may be indicated. A guardianship is a legal proceeding to obtain a judgment that an individual is […]

One Saturday morning in May, I was the opening act of an all-day education program held under a tent behind the Creekside Inn, in beautiful, bucolic Woodstown, New Jersey. While silently envying the avid golfers and the children eagerly awaiting their ice cream cones at the nearby dairy barn, I spoke other attorneys, certified public […]

The process of selecting the best long-term care facility for your loved one can be confusing and complicated. There are various factors which can help you identify where the best care can be provided, including whether the facility has great dementia programming, the rate of staff turnover and the period of private pay required. Our […]

As an associate attorney with the Rothkoff Law Group, I spend long hours preparing Medicaid applications, Fair Hearings, guardianship applications and addressing estate and tax planning issues. I love the work, but in the summertime, I look forward to weekends at the beach house, enjoying the sun and sand, swimming, and fireworks with my extended […]