Two weeks ago, I spent a Sunday morning with my family and our office’s clients watching the movie Young @ Heart. The movie follows a choir of older adults, whose ages range from 72 to 92 years old. Despite sickness, having to master difficult alternative rock music ballads, a rigorous practice schedule, and even the death […]

We all know that our vision changes as we age. In addition, our ability to read, understand, and even process written material or concepts also shifts with the onset of the aging process. Therefore, as professionals working with older adults or as caregivers, we need to be aware of how we are presenting written material or […]

We all know that Medicare can get confusing. What is covered under Medicare A and B, and what is Medicare Part D? And what is Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans? Medicare is health insurance for people age 65 or older, under age 65 with certain disabilities, and any age with End-Stage Renal Disease […]

Young @Heart Posted by: Jerold E. Rothkoff Posted Date: Sunday, April 27, 2008 10:38 Last week I saw the movie,Young @ Heart.  Young @ Heart is a documentary regarding the lives of a group of senior citizen members of a choir in New England as they prepare for a performance.  If it sounds a little […]

Previously, I have written about legal documents needed to assist a relative or friend who has diminished mental capacity. However, what if a person who is now incapacitated has not already executed a financial or healthcare power of attorney? Often, relatives of elderly adults find themselves without the legal authority to help their loved ones […]

It’s about 11:00 a.m. on a Friday morning, and it’s been a long week. Your elderly loved fell or may have suffered a stroke or heart attack. You’ve been at the hospital every day, talking to the nurses and doctors about your mom or dad’s current condition and needs. Suddenly, you are told that he […]

Last week, I watched the PBS documentary “Caring for your Parents.” It followed five families as they struggled through the complexity of shifting caregiving roles, working with area long-term care professionals, and feelings of anger and resentment against other family members who were not involved with their elderly loved ones’ care. Watching this documentary reminded […]

During the last two weeks, I’ve discussed the importance of having your parents’ financial power of attorney, health care power of attorney, and living wills in place. I also listed questions that your parents should be asking themselves prior to having these documents drafted and executed by a local elder law attorney. But, how do […]

Most people think a last will and testament is the most important document out there. “I want to make sure that my children or my grandchildren get this or that, after I pass away.” But, as the caregiver child, you’re probably discovering that a last will and testament isn’t helping you as you struggle to […]

Your mom or dad just fell and you find yourself in the hospital emergency room waiting for them to receive treatment. The hospital social worker introduces herself and asks for your parent’s health care power of attorney and living will. What are these two documents? As the only social worker in the area to be […]

You can’t help it. But, you worry about your elderly parents. You’re happy that they continue to maintain their independence by spending time with friends, traveling, or even driving, but you worry about their safety. How can you get that piece of mind without infringing on their territory? How about talking to your parents about […]

As caregiver children, we have been labeled the “sandwich generation,” as we attempt to balance our caregiving responsibilities for our elderly parents and our own children. But, how about the needs of our parents who are helping to raise our children, either on a full or part-time basis? Devise a caregiving schedule that accommodates both […]

Why Retire?

February 19, 2008 Blog, Caregiver

During the last few weeks, I’ve discussed the anxiety and fear that accompanies this new stage of life for your elderly loved ones. I shared the benefits of individual therapy and counseling, and the conversations that needed to occur if your parent(s) were no longer safe in their home. Who could blame your parents for […]

As many of you know, our firm’s Geriatric Care Coordinator, Janie Deleon-Male, M.S.S., LSW, authors a weekly column on caregiving, titled “Coping With Care,” in the Camden Courier-Post. Since its inception in May 2007, the column has appeared on Tuesdays in the “My Generation” section of the Courier-Post. We are pleased to announce that effective […]

Oftentimes, I get questions from caregiver children as to when they should approach their elderly parents about downsizing. It’s a huge decision to consider for your loved one. You may be asking them to give up the only home and neighborhood with which they’re familiar. But, it appears that their safety is now compromised. Below […]