Planning for Disabled Children Americans are living linger than they did in years past, including those with disabilities. According to one count, 480,000 adults with mental retardation are living with parents who are 60 or older. This figure does not include those with other forms of disability nor those who live separately, but still depend […]

The Burgeoning World of the Web It is a whole new world out there. Sitting at your home computer, you can communicate with all parts of the world, collect information on almost any topic, and download Social Security, tax and other forms. But navigating the world wide web can be a bit daunting. Here are […]

GAO Reports on U.S. Nursing Homes Associated Press Two years after federal investigators found serious care problems at many of the nations 17,000 nursing homes, a new government report cites progress but notes an increase in homes with deficiencies. “Vigilance by both state and federal officials must be unrelenting to ensure the safety and well-being […]

Estate Planning Wills: One Size Does Not Fit All Every adult ought to have a Will. Unfortunately , many individuals do not have Wills at all, and their estates are settled by rules promulgated by the State. Even worse, many people who have Wills have poorly drafted documents that will not effectively carry out their […]