Expanded Skilled Nursing Facility Medicare Coverage During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly devastating for nursing homes and their residents. Aside from the tragically disproportionate loss of life, care for surviving residents has been delayed or interrupted due to infection, facility lockdowns or other health system disruptions. As a result, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has waived two limitations on Medicare Part A skilled nursing facility (SNF) coverage during the coronavirus pandemic: The 3-day qualifying hospital stay requirement; and The 100-day benefit period. However, CMS treats the two SNF coverage expansions differently from each other with regard to its connection to COVID-19. Three Day [...]

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Rothkoff Law 2021 Virtual Elder Care Symposium on October 21, 2021

We are excited to announce our virtual Symposium for 2021, to be held on October 21, 2021. Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Jason Karlawish, author of the new book, The Problem of Alzheimer’s – How Science, Culture, And Politics Turned a Rare Disease Into A Crisis And What We Can Do About It. Due to the uncertainty of large in-person gatherings this fall, we have decided to have the Symposium remain in a virtual setting this year. However, we have a very exciting new virtual platform we will be utilizing which we believe will delight all attendees and sponsors. [...]

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The Struggle for a National Agenda on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia

I am into my third decade of being an elder care law attorney. Early on in my career, I realized the shortcomings of a traditional elder law practice focused exclusively on financial issues. Our clients and families needed a multi-disciplinary approach to aging and chronic care issues, which focused on helping families navigate the health care system. This is the reason we now have five geriatric social workers in our elder care law firm. In 1989, Dr. Margaret Noel, a geriatrician, founded the Center for Older Adults at Thoms Rehabilitation Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina. Her center saw older adults [...]

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Symposium 2.0: Virtually Connected: A Revamped Four Part Virtual Series; Focusing on the Future of Elder Care

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty as to the public health situation in the fall, we have decided to combine both the NJ & PA 2020 Rothkoff Law Elder Care Symposiums into a new virtual online platform. We will have a four-part series for the Symposiums beginning in September. Please save the dates shown at right. More details to come over the coming months. SAVE THE DATES 12:00 - 2:00 PM 9/24/2020 10/8/2020 10/22/2020 11/19/2020

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Rothkoff Law Group’s “Chalk Squad” Brings Some Joy to Long-Term Care Workers

Rothkoff Law Group teamed with Barclays Rehabilitation and Health Care Center by chalking the sidewalk outside long-term care communities in our area. Thank you to Elizabeth Solitro of Barclays and Rothkoff Law’s own Chelsea Ganssle for being the “chalk squad” and helping to bring some joy to our hard-working long-term care workers. CBS3 in Philadelphia did a story on the “chalk squad” in early June.

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Town Hall with Eloy Van Hal: The Future of Senior Care After COVID–19

On June 24, Rothkoff Law Group hosted a virtual “town hall” conversation with Eloy van Hal, the co-founder of the Netherlands’ Dementia Village. Eloy discussed the value of small scale senior housing and implementing the concept in the United States. COVID-19 has exposed the cracks in our tenuous system of providing and funding long-term care.  Comprehensive long-term care reform is needed more than ever before. An important piece of this reform is having more safe, affordable residential care options, including smaller scale residential models. Such residential housing models already exist in the Netherlands with the Dementia Village concept.  You can view highlights [...]

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The Value of Gratitude

By Jerold E. Rothkoff Recently, my daughter, age 22, witnessed me writing thank you notes that I usually write on an average weekend. She innocently asked why I write the thank you notes. I have been handwriting thank you notes for over 15 years to clients, their caregiver loved ones, referral sources, and professional friends. I probably write between 8-12 thank you notes each week. I explained to my daughter the importance of showing gratitude. People value being thought of, and a handwritten thank you note shows their gesture was important to you. I admit during the past several months [...]

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Rothkoff Law Group Adapts Well to Operational Changes

By Jacinda Graham, Client Services Director   I am proud to report that the team at Rothkoff Law Group has adapted well to operational changes required by the COVID-19 pandemic. Life has changed for all of us. For the safety of ourselves and those we care about, we have been forced to distance from our friends, family, clients, professional partners, and our co-workers. Like most small businesses during this time, Rothkoff Elder Care Law Group was forced to change the way we do business and find a ‘new normal’. Operational Changes at Rothkoff Law Group Our new normal entailed almost our [...]

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A Message from Jerold E. Rothkoff

To Our Professional Partners, Clients, and Consumers:  During the past four months, we all needed to change the way we do business, communicate with one another, and continue to provide necessary services. For our elder care office, the challenge was how to continue to be a valuable resource for both consumers and professionals. Through the hard work and commitment of our entire Rothkoff Elder Care Law team, we have implemented the following during the past several months: Facilitated weekly long-term care professional networking Zoom calls during which we offered educational opportunities. Transitioned all of our in-person professional and consumers seminars [...]

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Is it Okay for Seniors to Have Elective Surgeries?

Let's weigh the risks to seniors from elective surgeries during the pandemic. My 71-year old father lives in Maryland alone. I live in New Jersey and am his closest relative. (My brothers hightailed it to California years ago.) This past fall he had back surgery in Maryland. It was difficult to support him through the procedure and recovery from a distance, especially with two young children and a job. When he began discussing a long-overdue knee replacement, we decided he would have it done in New Jersey. The surgery was scheduled for March of this year. We were ready for [...]

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