A Life Well Lived

October 1, 2014 Article

A Life Well Lived By: Jerold E. Rothkoff Last month, our long-term client, Bob, passed away. At the beginning of our representation, we emphasize to the client or family that our goal is building a relationship with the client. We do not typically assist a client in an individual transaction. Our goal is to help […]

Pennsylvania is enacting broad changes to the law governing powers of attorney. House Bill 1429 (HB 1429) was unanimously passed by the state House and Senate in June 2014 and was recently signed into law by Governor Corbett. The new law will require careful study by attorneys and other who draft POAs in Pennsylvania.  Among […]

Why Elder Law? By: Jerold E. Rothkoff This is a question I get asked usually weekly.  To adequately answer the question requires a reflection on my previous 15 years in the wonderful field of elder law. In 1999, prior to opening my own elder law office, I represented a spouse being sued for her husband’s […]

Update on Removal of Medicare’s Improvement Standard The federal government’s Medicare agency, CMS, has recently released revisions to its program manuals and related instructions that will make it easier for chronically ill individuals to get Medicare coverage. The program manuals and guidance are used by Medicare providers and contractors in determining an individual’s eligibility for […]

We are very pleased to welcome to our office Linda Lawrence and Amy Jo Gradel to or elder & disability law office. Linda Lawrence will serve as our client relations coordinator.  She will likely be the first person you will speak with when calling our office.  Linda brings over ten years experience working with seniors […]

The Affordable Care Act:  What You Need to Know By: Jerold E. Rothkoff To say the least, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the “Affordable Care Act”, “ACA” or “Obamacare”) has had a bumpy ride thus far.  However, it is the law of the land, and will effect elder law and long-term care planning […]

The Importance of Quality Long-Term Care Planning By: Jerold E. Rothkoff A few months ago, I met with Arnold, the husband of Elizabeth, a local nursing home resident.  Elizabeth, age 72, has been in the nursing home since June 2013.  Unfortunately, due to the effects of multiple strokes and dementia, she is in need of […]

The Ultimate Act of Love By: Jerold E. Rothkoff In September, I attended the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association (LCPLEA) annual meeting in Seattle, Washington. One conference presentation was devoted to the Washington State “Death with Dignity Act” which allows adults diagnosed with a terminal disease are deemed to have only six months to […]

Our 15th Year Assisting Seniors & Those With Disabilities – Thank You for Allowing Us to Be Part of the Journey By: Jerold E. Rothkoff   We are celebrating our 15th year assisting seniors and those with disabilities.  In November, we completed our move of our South Jersey office to a larger location.  The move […]