Reflections on the 4th Annual Rothkoff Law Group Elder Care Symposium

On October 21st, 2021, we held our fourth annual Rothkoff Law Group Elder Care Symposium. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, the Symposium was held virtually for the second year. We want to thank all of the attendees, exhibitors, presenters, and generous sponsors who helped support the Symposium. We are proud to announce all Symposium ticket sale proceeds will benefit HFC, Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogan’s national non-profit dedicated to caring for families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease, inspiring the next generation of Alzheimer’s advocates, and being leaders in brain research and education.  Upon logging into the Symposium platform, [...]

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Elder Care Law Services and the Power of the Written Word

As we deal with the day-to-day issues of managing a law firm and providing elder care law services for clients and their loved ones, we sometimes unintentionally forget why we do what we do. It is a natural human reaction to address the here and now before you. Our focus as an elder care law firm is to ensure our clients receive the best care possible, determine how care can be reasonably paid for, and ease the burden on the caregiver family member. We received a handwritten note via mail from the child of a recently deceased client. We have [...]

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Medicaid Crisis Planning: Paying for Long-Term Care

Medicaid crisis planning is a crucial step in preparing for the future and taming the unexpected. And as with the case of Marie, a client I was happy to assist, Medicaid crisis planning helped turn an unexpected situation into the best possible outcome for her and her husband. $300,500.00 was most of Marie’s life savings. When she remarried while in her late 60s, it did not matter that her new husband had scant funds. Marie was happily working, and her new husband, Charlie, could help with the bills using his significant pension. No more than 10 years after their marriage, [...]

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Thank you, Marie: An Anecdote from an Elder Care Lawyer

As an elder care lawyer, I have had the privilege of meeting and assisting countless families and seniors over the years. And over those years, some stand out in the mind…like Marie. In February 2017, Marie left her home and transitioned to a personal care home. Her husband was in poor health and in a nursing home. She had no children and needed an elder care lawyer to help her navigate these changes. Given her situation, Marie’s close friend scheduled a meeting with myself, Kathleen Magee, our Director of Care Coordination, and Marie to discuss how our team of elder [...]

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The Value of Home Modifications For Older Adults

The focus of our elder care law firm is to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to address the issues associated with the aging process. Traditional legal services such as drafting estate planning documents, trust planning, and guardianships are important legal tools that everyone should plan for. However, these purely legal tools do not prevent seniors from falling in their home and subsequently requiring a hospital stay and possible nursing home placement. As such, we provide both legal and non-legal care advocacy services to keep seniors at home where most older adults want to be. COVID -19 and its aftermath have made [...]

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“Shared Living” – Older Parents Living with their Adult Children

“Shared Living” is a term that can refer to parents moving in with their adult children. This type of shared living has become more common in recent years for many reasons. Parents may move into their adult children’s homes because of financial or medical reasons, as well as to simply strengthen family bonds. The Covid-19 pandemic has also spurred an increase in shared living as families have been concerned about the high incidence of infections of Covid-19 in nursing homes and other senior living alternatives. Recently, a friend and his siblings worked together to assist their mother in her move [...]

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Unsupported Elders and Advocacy Services

Prior to starting my job as the Rothkoff Law Group Pennsylvania Client Services Director, where I work with many clients, including unsupported elders, I had plenty of experience in senior care, but I did not have any experience in the legal field. I was under the assumption that you meet with an elder care law attorney to have your will and powers of attorney prepared. I quickly realized that this could not be further from the truth. Outside of knowing my title, quite honestly, I was unaware of what my daily routine would be and what role I would play [...]

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Expanded Skilled Nursing Facility Medicare Coverage During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly devastating for nursing homes and their residents. Aside from the tragically disproportionate loss of life, care for surviving residents has been delayed or interrupted due to infection, facility lockdowns, or other health system disruptions. As a result, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has waived two limitations on Medicare Part A skilled nursing facility (SNF) coverage during the coronavirus pandemic: The 3-day qualifying hospital stay requirement; and The 100-day benefit period.  However, CMS treats the two SNF coverage expansions differently from each other with regard to its connection to COVID-19. Three Day [...]

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Addressing the Needs of an Elderly Parent and Her Special Needs Adult Child

Mary’s mother and sister needed help. Lots of it. The sister, Violet, is developmentally disabled and needs 24-hour care. Janice, their mother, was Violet’s sole caregiver for over 50 years. Mary knew that Janice was becoming increasingly confused, but it seemed like she was still taking great care of Violet. Then, Janice and Violet went for a long walk that ended with them wandering into a local nursing home and Janice asking if they could move in. Alarmed, a manager at the facility called for help. Janice was admitted to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, and Janice was placed [...]

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Elder Law Planning: More Than Just Medicaid

When it comes to elder law planning, and when I meet with clients, the focus tends to be heavily centered on finances. When retirement accounts are dwindling due to a spouse’s high nursing home bill or a parent’s complex financial management style has left an adult child overwhelmed and confused, it is easy to become focused on Medicaid as the magic solution. However, Medicaid is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. A few years ago, I worked with the sister caregiver of a client who required long-term care. Due to the brother’s medical diagnoses and young age, his [...]

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