Special Announcement: The VA is Making Big Changes to the Aid and Attendance Benefit

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced big changes to the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit. In its final rule published on September 18, 2018, the VA added a look-back period for asset transfers, established net worth limits, and added new medical expense deduction limitations. Here are the highlights of the new rules: There will be a 36-month look-back period that penalizes a veteran (or a surviving spouse) for every $2,169 that is given away or transferred into a trust or annuity. Net worth will now include all assets plus [...]

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Now Available: Updated NJ Senior Guides & Revised VA Nuts & Bolts Guides

All New Updated NJ Senior Guides & Revised VA Nuts & Bolts Guides Now Available Rothkoff Law Group is proud to announce we now have available our updated New Jersey Senior Guides.  The newly revised Guides now expands to include Cape May, Cumberland, Ocean, and Salem Counties, in addition to Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Mercer Counties.                 We have also updated and revised our VA Nuts and Bolts Guide.                 Please contact Kara Lee, Kara@rothkofflaw.com, [...]

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Honoring Veterans with Proper Care & Support

Veterans Day is November 11, 2017.  This is a day we need to take a moment to tell our veterans we appreciate their dedication and sacrifice. There are several ways we can honor and care for our vets.  Volunteering at a local American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars is a good way to show your support for our veterans.  Many of our veterans are either in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.  This gives us an opportunity to visit with the veteran. Visiting with veterans and listening to [...]

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PA State Programs for Veterans

The State of Pennsylvania Office for Veteran’s Affairs services over 894,000.00 Veterans and offer many services available to assist our veterans.  Each county has an individual local office available to assist veterans with a variety of services from real estate tax exemptions for disabled veterans, state Veteran’s homes, educational gratuity, Veteran’s Trust Fund, as well as other programs available to assist our Veterans. There are many ways an individual who is not a Veteran can contribute to these programs.  One way is to make a tax-deductible contribution to the [...]

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What New Jersey Has to Offer its Veterans

  The state of New Jersey has many programs and benefits for New Jersey Veterans. There are medical health centers and clinics throughout the state. The state has established programs to assist with Veterans who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress disorder and counseling helplines to assist with suicide prevention and substance abuse treatments. The state programs not only deal with issues facing new veterans, but there are programs in place for our elderly veterans.  At the county level, there are state offices that assist veterans with applying for VA [...]

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[VIDEO] A Look at Veteran’s Benefits and Aid and Attendance Program

Our Managing Attorney,  Jerold E. Rothkoff, has shared a few highlights of Veteran’s Benefits as it relates to Rothkoff Law Group and our clients.  At Rothkoff Law Group with offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we work with a great deal of veterans or widowed spouse of an eligible veteran in conjunction with long-term care planning. The Veteran’s Administration and specifically individuals who are eligible for VA Benefits can play an important role in accessing important care to keep an individual, specifically an elderly individual in the least restrictive [...]

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Update on Implementation of Proposed VA Revised Regulations

As we have previous advised, the Veterans Administration has proposed revised regulations, which, among other changes, would implement a three year look back for transfers of assets prior to applying for the aid and attendance benefit. We have recently learned that the date of implementation of the proposed VA rulemaking AO73, Net Worth, Asset Transfers, and Income Exclusions, has been extended to at least April 2017.  The proposed rule has not yet made it to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which will need to have its own review of the proposed regulations [...]

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Veterans Day in 2016

Veterans Day, November 11,  2016 With Veteran’s day a few weeks away, I just wanted to extend  my personal thank you to every man or woman Veteran who served or is currently defending our country.  Our veterans give their time and talents to keep our country free. Personally, my mother served in World War II, and my brother-in-law is a Vietnam Vet.  My father served after World War II and my father-in-law was in the Army during World War II. As you can see, I have a personal connection [...]

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Make the Connection

There has been many news reporting’s recently regarding the state of the VA Health Care System.  While there is still a lot of work that needs to be addressed and corrected with how the VA monitors and manages the health care system, they have made finding care in a veteran’s home town much easier. The VA has recently introduced “Make the Connection”, an internet tool to help a veteran locate an outpatient clinic, PTSD Program, a VA medical center and a host of other important services. With just a [...]

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How to Pay for Long-Term Care? – What the Politicians Are Not Talking About

We are hearing many things from the Presidential candidates, both good and bad.  However, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, the one important topic that is not being debated is how an increasing elderly US population will pay for future long-term care expenses.  This is one of the most important public policy issues facing our country.  Yet, politicians are afraid to talk about the issue. Health care costs associated with caring for those with dementia are soaring.  Dementia related costs are now higher than costs associated with both cancer and [...]

Obtaining Proper Advice When Planning for Your Elderly Loved One

The Importance of Obtaining the Proper Advice When Planning for Your Elderly Loved One More and more seniors and their families are seeking the assistance of a senior professional to help guide them through the maze of long-term care planning options. In many situations in which seniors face the prospect of long-term care costs, Medicaid is a necessary safety net. Medicaid is an extremely complicated yet valuable program that can provide health care services to a senior living at home, in an adult day setting, in an assisted living [...]

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Announcing Rothkoff Law Group’s 2016 Focus on the Professional Seminar Series

We want to thank all of our clients, their families, and professional friends and colleagues who have made our elder care firm seminars so successful by attending our Professional and Caregiver Seminar Series over previous years.  We are proud to announce our 2016 seminar series for long term care professionals.  We will continue to offer continuing education credits to social workers, case managers and administrators in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Seminars  are scheduled in the morning, afternoon, and early evening (for our popular dinner seminars) to best accommodate your schedule. Please click [...]

Bad News for Seniors: No Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment in 2016

The Social Security Administration announced that, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation numbers released today, there will be no Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2016. This means that social security income and veterans pension benefits will remain at 2015 levels.  The announcement makes official the assumption underlying the 2015 Medicare Trustees Report premium and deductible projections for 2016. According to the 2015 Medicare Trustees Report, Part B premiums are expected to increase for 30% of beneficiaries by 52% – from $104.90 to $159.30 per month. The trustees [...]

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Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit Not Counted as Income for Medicaid Eligibility in NJ

On February 6, 2015, a consent order was filed in the New Jersey federal district court concluding a hard-fought class action lawsuit. In the Order, the State of New Jersey agreed to amend its Medicaid program on a State-Wide basis to exclude VA pension benefits paid

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Important Veterans Benefits Update

The Veterans Administration Proposes 3 Year Look Back On Gifts On Friday, January 23, 2015, the VA issued proposed new Veterans Administration regulations that would penalize wartime veterans up to ten years for making gifts of assets for less than fair market value. The VA is trying to stop what they perceive as lawyers and financial advisors “taking advantage of veterans” when helping them strategically plan to preserve assets and qualify for the Improved Pension benefit. The proposed changes in regulations would: Establish a 3 year look back for [...]

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