Bridge the generations.

Schools are closed and students are settling in at home with Distance Learning.  Residents of our local nursing homes and assisted living communities are isolated as their family and friends are not allowed to enter the buildings to visit. Rothkoff Law Group is spearheading a fun and meaningful project to help bring the two generations together.

Students can support our local communities during this time of COVID-19 isolation by writing letters, drawing pictures, and taking photos that would spread cheer to our senior community.  Rothkoff Law Group will create a mini photo montage movie of all of the submissions to send to local communities (nursing homes, assisted livings, etc.).

How can parents help?

  • Share with your friends, so their students can get involved too.
  • Share with your children’s school teachers or administration – maybe it could count as community service?(Some schools require community service, but this can be difficult when you can’t leave home)
  • Have your children share with their friends, classes or sports teams – it can be a group effort!

Please email all letters, drawings and photos to Rothkoff Law Group at

Thank you for your help in bringing our community together in a time when we feel so apart.