Grandparents should always be celebrated. They bring so much joy to our lives and enrich the experiences of children across the country. There’s a lot to be said about extended families and the value that grandparents give to families.

That’s exactly why Grandparents Day was created. On September 9, National Grandparents Day will be celebrated in the US this year. Originally instituted back in 1978, Grandparents Day was passed by Congress proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as the day the nation would celebrate Grandparents Day every year.

Since then, Grandparents Day has been celebrated each year, and has even spread to other countries who recognize their own annual Grandparents Day, too.

With this year’s special day fast approaching, it’s time to come up with a few ideas to make that day extra memorable. Here are a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing to show the grandparents in your life how much they mean to you and have some fun while you’re at it!

Gather Around For a Family Dinner

There’s nothing necessarily original about having a big family dinner to celebrate special occasions like Grandparents Day. But it’s definitely a classic way to enjoy each other’s company, spend time with one another, enjoy good food and some laughs, and tell stories to keep old memories alive, and create new ones.

Make this meal extra special by whipping up Grandma’s and Grandpa’s favorite dishes that they’ll look forward to. Maybe the young ones in the family can serve up their own little concoctions or put on a performance. Whatever you plan to do during this special family dinner, make sure the grandparents are made to feel like the guests of honor.

Create a Scrapbook of Memories

Strolling down memory lane is something grandparents love to do, especially when it comes to memories that involve their children and grandchildren. Take some time to collect some of your favorite photos from back in the day and create a scrapbook with the grandparents.

Have your kids draw some pictures to accompany each page in the scrapbook for an extra-special touch. Kids young and old can participate in a project like this, which doesn’t necessarily have to be reserved only for Grandparents Day. Any other day of the year will work, too!

Have a Sleepover

Grandparents’ greatest wish is to spend as much time with their precious grandchildren as possible, and nothing can provide more quality time with each other than a sleepover. Choose a day that both the kids and the grandparents are available and let them make their own plans on what to do during their time together.

Participate in Their Favorite Hobby

Many seniors adopt hobbies in order to use their free time wisely. Whether it’s bowling, playing cards, gardening, or golfing, participating in their favorite pastime is a great way to spend the day together. The kids might even discover something they’d be interested in participating in on a regular basis.

Enjoy Story Time

Gather everyone together and ask the grandparents to recount some of their favorite stories from years past. It’s a great way for them to reminisce about the good old days while everyone else is entertained at the same time.

Stage an Interview

Get the kids to list a number of questions to ask their grandparents about anything and everything. Examples may include how they met each other, where they grew up, what they enjoyed to do as kids, and funny memories of their families.

Having an interview is a great way for the grandparents to storytell (which most of them love to do) while keeping everyone else entertained. You might even want to record the session to have as a keepsake.

Grandparents Day might officially be on September 9, but it really should be 365 days a year. Grandparents are special people in our lives who should be appreciated every day that they’re still with us. You can’t put a price on all the help and the joy that they provide, and as a thank-you, be sure to take some time out of your schedule as often as you can to celebrate the beloved grandparents in your life.


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