With the benefit landscaping changing and becoming more complicated, it is a frustrating and overwhelming experience to attempt to understand your health insurance coverage benefits. Should I stay with traditional Medicare or opt into a Medicare Advantage plan? What is a Medigap policy, and how can I ensure that I have the right prescription drug coverage? Why did the nursing home state that my health insurance will no longer cover my stay?

Do you cringe when you receive your Medicare Explanation of Benefits Statements (EOB) in the mail, or bills from your Medicare HMO, doctors’ offices, and pharmacy? You were under the impression that your insurance covered a certain percentage of your doctors’ bills and medication co-pays, but things are not adding up.

In addition, you are aware that the State offers additional prescription drug benefits for those who financially qualify, but you are not sure how to access these benefits.

Our firm provides health insurance advocacy and assists clients in coordinating Medicare and additional health insurance coverage to achieve maximum benefits. Our firm’s health insurance advocate helps clients navigate the changes already in place, as well as ensure that they are prepared for any future changes to our health care delivery system.