After six months of strict visitation restrictions in nursing homes, on September 17th, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a memo significantly easing those restrictions. The new guidance, which is effective immediately, permits outdoor visitation, indoor visitation, and compassionate care visits and lays out a framework for those visits.  CMS notes that this guidance replaces all previous guidance.  Highlights of the September 17 memo include:nursing_homes

General Guidance About Visits

  • Visitation should be person-centered, consider the resident’s physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being, and support their quality of life.
  • Facilities should ensure visits are conducted with privacy.
  • Certain core principles apply to all types of visits. Among others, these include screening, hand hygiene, face covering or mask, and social distancing.


Outdoor Visitation

  • Visits to nursing homes should be outdoors whenever practicable.  Facilities should facilitate outdoor visits routinely except under certain circumstances.
  • Facilities should create accessible and safe outdoor spaces and a process to limit the number of visits and people visiting any one resident.


Indoor Visitation

• Facilities should support indoor visitation adhering to the following guidelines:

o No new onset of COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days; facility not conducting outbreak testing.
o Only compassionate care visits if the county positivity rate is greater than 10%.
o Visitors must follow the core principles.
o Facilities should limit number of visitors per resident at one time; total number of visitors in the facility at one time; and movement in the facility.

You can read the full CMS memo at