A few days ago, I met with out of town children of an individual who moved to a local nursing home last week. The children were interested in securing the best care for their mother while potentially protecting their mother’s life savings from expensive nursing home costs.

They advised they did not believe any of their mother’s savings could be protected because she did not plan ahead five years ago before their mom entered the nursing home. They were told by friends and family, even another attorney, that unless planning was done five years ago, no assets can be protected. I assured the children that even though their mom is in a nursing home, a significant portion of her assets can still be protected with the proper planning.

Additionally, since both children did not live locally, I advised them our geriatric care coordinators can assist in advocating for their mom by attending nursing home care conferences and periodically visiting their mom.

On behalf of their mom, the children retained our elder care law office to assist the family in navigating the long-term care issues that that were before them.