As many of you know, our firm’s Geriatric Care Coordinator, Janie Deleon-Male, M.S.S., LSW, authors a weekly column on caregiving, titled “Coping With Care,” in the Camden Courier-Post. Since its inception in May 2007, the column has appeared on Tuesdays in the “My Generation” section of the Courier-Post.

We are pleased to announce that effective December 4, 2007, Janie’s column became part of the daily Courier-Post in the new “Communities” section. Congratulations to Janie for a job well done. We encourage you to contact her to recommend topics for future columns that are important to you as caregivers. Janie can be reached at

It was also recently announced that Janie has been elected to the Board of Directors of Devereux New Jersey, a non-profit provider of treatment programs for individuals of all ages with emotional, behavioral, and developmental disabilities.

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