Rothkoff Law Group’s Approach To Life Care Planning:

Helps Provide Quality of Life for Your Loved One and Peace of Mind

Our approach is simple, yet it goes well beyond what the traditional asset-focused elder law attorney offers.

Like traditional elder law firms, the Elder Law Practice of the Rothkoff Law Group helps you protect your loved one’s assets from the high cost of nursing home care.

But we don’t stop there. Our multi-disciplinary team helps you address the problems that keep you up at night–like making sure that your loved one is getting the best possible care day after day.

Care Comes First

A Life Care Plan gives you and your family a single point of working with you to get the best, most appropriate care for your loved one, along with every service he or she will need during the journey down the ELDER CARE CONTINUUM.

The end result for you? It all adds up to peace of mind.