New Jersey’s “Safe Care Cam” program has recently lead to the filing of abuse charges against a private caretaker allegedly caught on hidden camera assaulting 90-year-old Woman residing in a Bergen County assisted living facility. The Safe Care Cam program is designed to address New Jersey’s growing concerns about elder abuse, a fear being fueled nationwide by increased media accounts of caregivers caught on hidden cameras physically or verbally assaulting their charges. The NJ Division of Consumer Affairs created the Safe Care Cam program to make cameras and memory cards available on loan for free to New Jersey residents who wished to monitor how their loved ones were being treated by in-home care providers, assisted livings, and nursing homes. 

Once a camera is in place, it is up to the participant to review the recorded footage, which can be played on a television or computer with adapters provided by the program. Participants are not required to turn over footage captured by the cameras.  It is up to participants to decide to report any issues of concern to the Office of the Attorney General or other appropriate authorities.  Individuals who wish to participate in the Safe Care Cam program can call 973-504-6375 and leave a message in a voice mailbox that will be regularly monitored by Division staff responsible for the day-to-day operation of the program.  More information on the program can be obtained at the below links.

An Initiative to Protect Your Loved Ones Receiving Care

New Jersey’s “Safe Care Cam” Program Leads to Abuse Charges Against Private Caretaker Allegedly Caught on Hidden Camera Assaulting 90-Year-Old Woman Residing in Bergen County Assisted Living Facility