Rothkoff Law Group is committed to helping seniors and their families navigate through the difficult legal issues involving the aging process. We also provide training to professional caregivers, the general public and our Rothkoff community throughout South Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania. Our commitment is to help seniors and we advocate for education at all levels. This month we caught up with elder law attorney Jane Fearn-Zimmer to learn more about the events she attended and participated in.

If you are interested in having a Rothkoff Team member present to your company, organization or team please give us a call. Also keep an eye out on our elder care calendar of events for Greater Philadelphia for opportunities to join us at existing events. Don’t forget we are on social media too.

A Minute with Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer, Esquire:

NBI -Special Needs Trusts and Ethical Considerations in Vineland NJ

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer, Esquire, joined Douglas A. Fendrick, Esquire, J. Kenneth Harris, Esquire and Maguerite C. Weese, Director of Wealth Planning at Wilmington Trust, N.A., to present “Trusts 101” a full day continuing education seminar for attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and paralegals, in Vineland, New Jersey, through the National Business Institute. Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer, Esquire presented two sessions, speaking on Estate Planning for the Disabled and Ethical Considerations regarding estate planning for the elder and disabled. Her presentation focused on special needs trusts, the Achieving a Better Life Act (ABLE) and the ethical rules which practitioners must observe in serving their clients.

Jane Fearn-Zimmer, Esq. Spoke at NJ State Bar Association Elder and Disability Law Section Elder Law Roundtable

On Thursday, October 13, 2016, Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer, Esquire, traveled to the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where she served as  a panelist in a continuing education seminar for attorneys regarding Medicaid Appeals. Ms. Fearn-Zimmer discussed strategies for litigating Medicaid issues in federal district courts.  She was joined by fellow panelists Daniel Jurkovic, Esquire, Donald D. Vanarelli, Esquire and John Callinan, Esquire, for this two hour, in depth presentation. Ms. Fearn-Zimmer is recognized as a leader in the area of using Medicaid compliant annuities. She filed three separate federal district court lawsuits against the State of New Jersey on behalf of clients who used Medicaid compliant annuities in order to allow clients to obtain Medicaid eligibility to assist in covering their long term care costs. Each of the three cases involved the purchase of an immediate annuity pursuant to applicable Medicaid law in order to achieve Medicaid eligibility. In each case, the State of New Jersey denied Medicaid benefits.

In Roccia v. Velez (U.S. Dist. Ct. D.N.J., Civ. No. 12-07346, June 6, 2013), the client was a single individual who purchased an immediate annuity for $40,000 in order to achieve Medicaid eligibility for nursing home care. In order to have some additional funds set aside to cover ancillary nursing home costs not covered by Medicaid, an immediate annuity was purchased. Pursuant to a federal court order, the client’s Medicaid application was approved.

In Carlini v. Velez (U.S. Dist. Ct. D.N.J., Civ. No. 12-07290, June 4, 2013), the client resided in a skilled nursing facility. His wife purchased an immediate annuity in the sum of approximately $300,000 from spousal assets which otherwise would have had to be used to pay her husband’s nursing home bills. The wife needed additional funds to allow her to pay her own monthly assisted living bill of approximately $5,000 per month. Without the annuity, both spouses would have been paying over $14,000 per month for long-term care. The annuity purchase allowed her to remain in an assisted living setting. Pursuant to a federal court order, the client’s Medicaid application was approved.

In Flamini v. Velez, (U.S. Dist. Ct. D.N.J., Civ. No. 12-07304, July 19, 2013), the husband purchased an immediate annuity in the amount of $200,000 from his IRA proceeds, which otherwise would have had to be used to pay for his wife’s skilled nursing care. The IRA funds represented the man’s life savings intended to support himself and his wife in retirement. A federal court ordered the State of New Jersey to approve the annuity and to process the Medicaid application for his wife.

Meet your judge and law clerk at Riverton Country Club with Jane Fearn-Zimmer, Esq.

On the evening of October 26, 2016, Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer mixed and mingled with fellow attorneys and judges from the Burlington County Superior Court, United States District Court for the District of New Jersey and Workers’ Compensation Court, their law clerks for the 2016-17 year, and the Burlington County judicial secretaries at the “Meet Your Judges and Law Clerk” reception. This annual event was held at the Riverton Country Club.

Seminars & Education Event Featuing Rothkoff Around Town:

  • Caregiver Support Group – RLG Cherry Hill Office
  • Seminar for General Public & Families at Sunrise Lower Makefield – VA Benefits with Bryan Adler, Esq.
  • CEU Seminar CH Library “Veterans Services Available for Elder & Disabled Clients” with Bryan Adler, Esq.
  • Seminar for the general public at Bridges at Warwick with Bryan Adler and Kathleen Magee

Other events Around Town that our team members attended:

  • At-Home Rehab – Grand Opening on October 6th with Bryan Adler and Kathleen Magee
  • Juniper Village Wine and Cheese Event on October 13th with Janie De Leon-Male
  • MVNA Spirit Night- The Mansion on October 21st Alicia Kagan, Jerry Rothkoff, Jacinda Graham
  • Community Day At CareOne Evesham on October 25th with Janie De Leon-Male
  • Cocktails and Carvings at Washington Twp. Senior Living on October 26th with Pamela R Rosenberger
  • Sunrise of Blue Bell 20th anniversary party on October 26th with Bryan Adler and Kathleen Magee
  • Meet your judge and law clerk at Riverton Country Club on October 26th Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer
  • The Myth of the Happy Holidays Seminar at The Evergreens on October 27th with Janie De Leon-Male
  • CareOne Hamilton Grand Opening on October 26th
  • Samaritan Hospice Seminar- Howard Blvd. Mt. Laurel on October 26th with Alicia Kagan
About Kara

Kara is the Outreach Coordinator with the Rothkoff Law Group, and elder care law firm. Kara brings over 15 years of experience working with the elderly. Kara has the ability to build relationships with area long-term care providers is critical in ensuring that our clients are made aware of the many resources that are available to them. Kara graduated from the York College of Pennsylvania. She enjoys spending her free time with her family, taking vacations, scuba diving, and skiing. She is also an active volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association.

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