Navigating Options for Elder Care in PA

Seniors and their families living in the Philadelphia area and southern New Jersey are tremendously fortunate with regards to long term care options. Between Bucks County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia (both Center City and Northeast Philadelphia) and South Jersey, the options are varied and broad.  Identifying the most appropriate options, and how to pay for it, is a question we hear from our clients with great frequency as a PA elder law office.

Generally speaking, seniors can access care in one of three environments:  In their home, in an assisted living or personal care home, or a nursing home.  There are other options, however, including independent living communities and adult daycare centers.  It’s no secret that long term care can be expensive.  Fortunately benefit programs exist to offset these care costs.

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Non-Medical Home Care in Greater Philadelphia


Non-Medical home care is a terrific way to provide care supports for a loved one who is having trouble living independently.  The caregiver can assist with meals, dressing, bathing, shopping and light housekeeping.  The cost for such care is usually between $20 and $25 per hour.  The benefit of this care is its scalability – you can use as few or as many hours as you need.   To help offset the costs associated with homecare, we may explore the use of Veterans Benefits, Long Term Care insurance, existing assets, and (in some circumstances) Medicaid.

Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities in Pennsylvania

Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities provide a level of care between living at home independently and living in a nursing home.  A typical resident of a PC or AL lives in an apartment style home with meals and activities provided within the community.  Similarly to home health care, Personal Care or Assisted Living costs are paid with a combination of private funds, Veterans Benefits, and Long Term Care insurance.

Nursing Homes in PA

Finally, nursing homes provide a high level of clinical care.  Most nursing homes are a clinical environment similar in general appearance to a hospital.  However, nursing homes offer activities for their residents and many offer therapy and rehabilitation.  Payment for nursing home care comes from the sources discussed above.  However, in Pennsylvania Medicaid is available to pay nursing home costs for eligible individuals.