The Pennsylvania Medicaid penalty divisor is revised each year as nursing facility care costs increase.  Effective January 1, 2016, the penalty divisor is set at $302.42 per day and $9,198.61 per month. ($302.42 x 365 / 12 = $9,198.61).  These 2016 divisor amounts represent an increase of approximately 3% from the 2015 figures of $293.15 and $8,916.65.

Uncompensated transfers made during the five year look-back period will be calculated at one day of ineligibility for every $302.42 transferred away. In Pennsylvania, transfers penalties will be imposed when the value of transfers made in a month exceeds $500.

Medicaid eligibility and planning is complicated.  It is important to seek professional advice before contemplating any gifting or Medicaid planning.

Medicaid Update