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I could not have survived the Medicaid application process and my father's transition to a nursing home facility without all of the support and knowledge from the Rothkoff Law Team! They handled every aspect of the move including meeting with the facility quarterly regarding my father's care to handling a disgruntled spouse. Hiring them was worth every dime and more. I don't believe that I would have received Medicaid assistance for my father without them and I would recommend them to anyone who needs any kind of assistance with elderly care!


I am posting this review to relate my experience I had with Jerold (Jerry) Rothkoff concerning the many issues I had to deal with on behalf of my mother. I worked with Jerry for five years it was an excellent experience in a very difficult time. I felt it would be best to share a letter I wrote to Jerry and his staff after the passing of Mom. As follows: Dear Jerry, I am writing to you and your staff to thank you for all the help you have provided us over the years. As I look back over the 5 years we have worked together concerning my mother’s issues it amazes me how well we all did keeping her as functional and care for as possible. It is clear to all of us in our family that we could not have done it without your help. Both you and your staff were always there for us. Whenever we needed anything concerning mom’s affairs or even just general advice, with the lightning speed my calls and e-mails were returned with excellent information and guidance. All I heard from your side was “No problem we will take care of it” or “This is what I suggest and these are your options”, and with all the details we had to work through these responses were of the greatest value. My mind was clear; Jerry is taking care of it. But also, your help went way beyond legal or financial advice. Your staff provided us with objective and compassionate direction concerning mom’s continuing health issues. For example, how to look for assistance, what to do next as her dementia worsened and I can go on and on with many other examples. It was never a problem to ask advice or direction from you or your staff. Many people have lawyers who can do the law, but mom had a lawyer who cared about her as a person, and for this we all thank you. In closing Jerry when we started out on this long journey we know nothing about how to care for my mother. With your help and guidance, we kept our promise to keep mom in her home as long as possible. This was her only wish. You and your staff made this possible. I can say without hesitation you are the best investment I ever made!! Thank you again, we will not forget.


When my mother and I needed help with legal & financial advice, information on where to turn for care, and planning for an elderly family member's future, we had no idea where to begin or what to do. We felt overwhelmed, confused, stressed, and lost. Mr. Rothkoff's name and contact information were given to us by a family member's co-worker who was in a similar situation. Being unsure that anyone could even help us with the stress of trying to get a direction, we scheduled an appointment to meet with Mr. Rothkoff. When we got to Mr. Rothkoff's office, we were immediately welcomed in by a friendly staff. Mr. Rothkoff asked us what kind of advice we were looking for to determine if he could be of assistance. After our first meeting, we had already determined that Mr. Rothkoff was very knowledgeable in his field and he presented us with an initial plan to help our relative. It was at this point that we decided to hire him. Mr. Rothkoff helped us plan for our loved one's financial future, health care, benefits, comfort, happiness, and things that we just hadn't even thought of to ask when we first met with him, such as how to simplify the planning. Mr. Rothkoff has an intimate relationship with clients and was on hand to answer questions whenever we phoned. His large staff was always available to answer questions and address situations. While the fee seemed scary at first, we really got the bargain: without billing a la cart like so many lawyers do: we had unlimited access via phone calls, personalized meetings, and other individual client specific services - whatever they happened to be in the moment. Mr. Rothkoff never left us wondering when we had a question, explained all of our options, explained whatever he thought the best solution for any issues that arose, allowed us to decide and kept us informed on every aspect of our loved one's situation as he continued to handle things for us. With the legal aid of Mr. Rothkoff, we were able to let go of all of the stress associated with our loved one and be a family, while he worried addressed the difficulties of planning and getting the "bigger picture" taken care of. As a result of our work with Mr. Rothkoff, we know that as we age, if we need the assistance of an elder law firm, we can place every bit of our trust with Mr. Rothkoff and the rest of his compassionate, responsive staff.


Our family needed help and direction in choosing an Alzheimer's care facility for a family member. We chose Rothkoff Law Group based upon the recommendation of an attorney in Florida, and after more than 2 yrs as Rothkoff clients we feel so very fortunate to have benefited in so many ways from the skill, knowledge and dedication these caring people have shown us. Their high degree of effectiveness is a direct result of their attention to detail, ability to listen to family input in a skillful and concerned way, and the manner in which the team works as a whole. The staff all have different skills and special areas of expertise yet they all manage to focus together on one goal......and that is providing the guidance and direction we needed during a difficult time. The Rothkoff Law Group provided our family with the choices and information necessary to select a care facility that would provide comfortable, quality care for our family member. Different staff members all contributed to help our family deal with insurance issues, financial counseling, liason with agencies, they submitted complicated applications on our behalf, answered our many questions and arranged meetings as we needed them. We are profoundly thankful for the suggestion and recommendation Rothkoff Law Group made to us for the facility in which to place our family member. This is confirmed by the continuing flow of accolades I hear as relatives and other family members visit the facility and they witness first hand the high level of quality care, competence, and caring motivation of the facility staff. Rothkoff Law Group, through their screening process, attention to detail, use of trained and qualified individuals on their law staff, was able to give my family all of the information we needed in order to make the decision on what facility to choose. We simply could not have even come close to achieving this level of success on our own. The value of Rothkoff Law Group services goes far beyond simple fees......it is about quality of life for a valued and loved family member. The Rothkoff Law Group is one very high performing team.


Mr. Rothkoff maintains a staff of specialists covering many facets of elder care. He and his staff have helped us navigate through a difficult period of arranging and managing care for an elderly parent with Alzheimer's.


I found Jerold Rothkoff to be very experienced, straight forward and very trustworthy as I did with his entire staff. I highly recommend Mr. Rothkoff and his staff.


From our initial meeting 3 years ago to the present, my family and I have been in good hands with Jerold Rothkoff and his team. In the beginning, it was all about the legal guidance we needed to plan for my Mother's future at a time when we were overwhelmed. But, throughout this journey, the relationship has become much more. Jerry and his professional, caring team have become an invaluable extension of our family! They are consistently responsive, trustworthy, reliable, and compassionate in all matters. Jerry's staff has effectively assisted me in coordinating my Mother's health care as her mobility continues to decline due to a neurological condition. I feel confident that she is getting the best care possible. In addition, Jerry's persistent and diligent professionals reviewed the details of my Mother's Long Term Care Insurance policy and were instrumental in securing benefits that were due to her. We could not have had a more positive experience over these last 3 years, and I would recommend the Rothkoff Law Group without hesitation to anyone that asked.


We met with Jerold one time in his office. He went over all the details regarding our long-term care insurance policy. Our policy got cut off by the company. He went over all the paperwork we brought in and discusssed our options and how to go about getting our policy re-instated. After that we communicated with Jacinda most of the time and she kept us informed as to the status of our appeal and how things were going. Jerold did call to keep us abreast of how things were going and what he was doing. Eventually after about five months of back and forth between the office and our insurance, our policy finally did get re-instated. We are very gratetful to have the policy back in force. We thank everyone for the work they did to help us in our situation. It was well worth it. If we need any assistance with insurance in the future, we will be contacting Rothkoff again


I recently retained Bryan J Adler's services because I needed a knowledge , meticulous, and detail oriented Lawyer to draft my Estate planning and Living Will documents. To say that I was extremely pleased would be an understatement! Bryan guided me through this daunting and arduous process with extreme ease and made me feel very comfortable with the decisions that my wife and I made together as a family. I needed a lawyer who understood my concerns regarding Estate planning as a Father, Husband and Physician. My Financial Planner recommended an attorney from a large firm, but I did my own research and found Bryan Adler and was extremely pleased with the results. I would recommend Bryan to any Physician or other professional who needs Estate Planning and/or Living Will documents prepared.


My family was introduced to Jerry Rothkoff and his firm over 6 years ago. My father was going to be 80 years old and moving into an independent living facility. We found the need for some sound legal advice in regards to his long term health and financial needs. Jerry and his team met with all of us, got a good idea of my Dad's needs and resources and helped design a plan for my Dad to get the maximum benefit from what was available to him. Without Jerry and his team, my Dad would not be going on 87 years "young" and still going strong. The help, advice and guidance have been invaluable and have enabled all of us to rest easy that Dad is happy, healthy and taken care of.


As one of his clients,Mr. Rothkoff and his team were most helpful and resourceful with my family's elder care and retirement planning requirement needs. The "team" was extremely helpful with all of the "senior" needs of mine ,my family, (handicapped brother and sister-in- law) and elder parents. I recommend this Firm w/o reservation.


We have been a client for 3 yrs and from our first meeting to discuss my mothers Life Care Plan, I have had complete confidence in Jerold and the staff at Rothkoff Law Group. Initially, we faced the challenge of updating her legal and financial plans, Jerold and team quickly developed the plan and put it in action. We then had a complete review of her insurance policies and public programs for her medical care. As my mother's condition progressed, they were there each step of the way. Finding the right care facility was a frightening task but with their specialists, we had their expertise on our side. I have found them to be compassionate and professional at all times. Although our roles as children of aging parents is not easy, Jerold has provided me with the peace of mind that I am making the best choices for my mom. I have and will continue to recommend Rothkoff Law Group to family and friends.


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