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October 11, 2011

In appreciation for going out of your way to help Michael and myself, please accept this small token of my appreciation. Your kindness, decency and professionalism and so much more, are greatly acknowledged. I am a 72 year old man who is very sick, yet I am all that Michael has. I cannot take care of him anymore, but you, especially Mr. Rothkoff and his staff, have organized a plan that should serve Michael well especially when I am gone. With you, your services are from your heart, not just your bank account. You are a very, very special human being who shall be in my prayers as long as I live! Thank you for the peace of mind you have given me.



April 10 2011

Dear Jerry,

I am writing to you and your staff to thank you for all the help you have provided us over the years. As I look back over the 5 years we have worked together concerning my mother’s issues, it amazes me how well we all did keeping her as functional and cared for as possible. It is clear to all of us in our family that we could not have done it without your help.

Both you and your staff were always there for us. Whenever we needed anything concerning mom’s affairs or even just general advice, with lightning speed my calls and emails were returned with excellent information and guidance. All I heard from your side was “No problem, we will take care of it” or “This is what I suggest and these are your options”, and with all the details we had to work through, these responses were of the greatest value. My mind was clear; Jerry is taking care of it.

But also, your help went way beyond legal or financial advice. Your staff provided us with objective and compassionate direction concerning mom’s continuing health issues. For example, how to look for assistance, what to do next as her dementia worsened and I can go on and on with many other examples.

It was never a problem to ask advice or direction from you or your staff. Many people have lawyers who can do the law, but mom had a lawyer who cared about her as a person, and for this we all thank you.

In closing Jerry, when we started out on this long journey we knew nothing about how to care for my mother. With your help and guidance we kept our promise to keep mom in her home as long as possible. This was her only wish. You and your staff made this possible. I can say without hesitation you are the best investment I ever made!!

Thank you again, we will not forget.

Yours Truly,



I have to say I was skeptical after the first meeting with Jerry Rothkoff. He was expensive and promising a lot. He laid out his plan and we went home to mull it over. Since he had showed me his plan I decided to call other lawyers and comparative shop. I called 6 lawyers and learned three things. 1. They are unsure about how to get supplemental government funds. 2. They don’t offer any follow up service. 3. they all said the same thing after I told them that I had already talked to Jerry, “He’s the Man.” After that we signed up with Jerry. He did as promised and after only one year the supplemental government money he managed to get us will have paid his fee completely. My Aunt will continue to receive it the rest of her life and another four years of support from the Rothkoff staff, (for free). We are truly grateful for his and his staff’s guidance through the morass of elder care options.

SB says,

My father and I would like to thank you all who were involved with my Mothers Medicaid application.

On February 25, 2011 I met Jerry at the Bedford Springs Hotel in Bedford, PA. At that time I was then able to assure my Father that he would not lose everything he worked so hard all his life to obtain. Everything turned out exactly like Jerry said that it would. I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it was, especially as we were dealing with my Mother’s declining health and trying to get her placed into a nursing home. A special thanks to Denise who answered all my calls and guided them to the right person. To Pam who always tried to simplify things so I could fully understand them. Rita dealing with you was such a pleasure. You always gave me the feeling that everything would go through without a hitch and it did. As I end my letter I want to wish Jerry and his staff the best to them and their families and to Rita I will root extra hard for the Nailers, and maybe we will run into each other at the War Memorial.

Thank you all again.

HL says,

I want to thank you and your staff for all the effort and concern you have taken with my parents. You went out of your way to get Medicaid applications pushed through for both parents and also for funding a nursing home. I would not have known where to start with all the paperwork and applications to be filed. It’s a comfort to have people look out for you. The support and expertise of your staff in all matters was a burden off my shoulders. Also, if I had any questions or concerns, the phone calls were promptly returned. I can’t thank you enough.

AL says,

If anyone is in need of an elder care lawyer don’t hesitate to call this law office. I am talking from the great experience and result i got from choosing them to represent me. You’ll never meet nicer more down to earth people that treat you like family.

TC says,

… I am grateful to you and your staff for always taking my mom’s phone calls and letting her know that there is someone nearby who is looking out for her.

I really appreciate all your hard work on my mom’s behalf. But even more, I appreciate your example of what it means to practice law.

PC-B & LR say,

… One member who appeared very satisfied with the information you provided stated, “He’s an attorney with a heart.” Another member remarked, “He’s one person who really seems to care what happens to older people.” Everyone left feeling more empowered about their own situation as well as more knowledgeable thanks to your straightforward answers to their many questions.

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to issues which impact Seniors….

JB says,

Jerry has a great strength in staying in contact and promptly returning phone calls. He is great at letting you know what’s going on.

DH says,

Jerry is friendly and down-to-earth. He gave us helpful suggestions and brought up important issues we would never have thought of. He is knowledgeable, very thorough, and a pleasure to work with.

PL says,

What most people don’t realize is that sooner or later, everyone will need an elder law attorney, and the sooner the better. Jerry is wonderful. I only wish I had heard of him four years earlier. I’m spending $6,500 a month at the Medford Convalescent Center, not including medication. In six months I could have put someone through two years of Princeton.

DA says,

After speaking with several elder law attorneys, Jerry was the first one who was able to help me. He promised that he would always get back to me right away on important matters. He even interrupted a meeting and responded by fax immediately when I had an emergency situation with my mother. I really appreciate his excellent service.

TL says,

After having some problems with other elder law attorneys who were unresponsive and confusing, meeting Jerry was a breath of fresh air. He is friendly and open, and he takes the time to explain your options and to make them clear. When he met my mother-in-law for whom we were doing the planning, he was patient and painstaking. She felt comfortable that he was representing her interests and still talks about Jerry’s sense of humor and his interest in her concerns. He is very knowledgeable and conveys concern and confidence.