It can be overwhelming to care for elderly family members. Questions abound about the best place for them to live, how to handle their finances, what resources are available and how to access them, how to care for all the details that are part of this stage of life care and so many unknown complications.  Jerold (Jerry) E. Rothkoff, Esq. knew, when he launched his elder law firm in 2000 now called Rothkoff Law Group (RLG), that he needed an elder law team that would assist families with all of these issues.  This team would include geriatric care coordinators as well as attorneys because being an advocate for senior health care and supportive of family needs was, and still is, their biggest priority. It is also a business model that not many elder law firms follow.

Rothkoff explained, “The emphasis here is on care. We have a simple approach and we are proud to go beyond what the traditional asset-focused elder law attorney offers.” The first firm in PA and NJ offering extensive care advocacy (life care planning), RLG is a leader in the field and a model for other firms. Rothkoff continued, “Several times a year firms from all over the country visit us to learn about the way we approach elder law. We are flattered by this and are happy to support them and help the field grow.”

At RLG, there are four geriatric care coordinators on staff who help clients and caregivers navigate long term care issues, access, and obtain quality care. There are three attorneys and additional key staff. Rothkoff said, “We hope that seniors and people with disabilities and their family members will call here first so we can help them navigate the systems and find the appropriate care, whether it’s in the home or at a senior community.”

Alan Bassett is a child of an elderly parent. When his father needed to move to an assisted living facility after a hospital stay, he turned to RLG. “We had so many questions and concerns about the new laws, healthcare, the finances and my parent’s wills. The pressure was tremendous and the clock was ticking,” said Bassett. “From our first meeting with Jerry and members of his team, we felt immediate relief. Jerry has gone above and beyond our expectations. His ability to keep his hand on the pulse of the ever changing eldercare landscape combined with his true desire to guide us seamlessly through many difficult decisions has been the answer to our prayers.”

In addition to the guidance and emotional support, their multi-disciplinary team is a valued resource in these ways:

  • Help protect loved one’s assets with a preservation strategy that best suits each client’s personal needs.
  • Protect assets from the high cost of nursing home care.
  • Educate clients about options in response to the natural progression of aging and its impact on a loved one’s health, mobility, housing and financial resources.
  • Empower clients with guidance, support and information provided by the members of the RLG Life Care Plan Implementation Team, who serve as experienced advisors.
  • Utilize their deep connections in the senior services community and provide access to all the resources and services needed for a loved one.
  • Assign each client an Elder Care Coordinator to provide a total care solution, a Life Care Plan.
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