When I sit down with a caregiver child or caregiver spouse regarding care for their loved one, the first thing they tell me is not that they want Obamacare repealed or to improve Obamacare.  The loved one simply wants to know how they can afford the high cost of long-term care in the future without going broke

However, if you simply listened to candidates in both political parties during this election campaign, it would appear that the only relevant health care issue facing our nation is Obamacare.  Our clients want to know why Medicare does not cover more home care, why skilled nursing coverage is prematurely terminated, why Medicaid does not cover more home and community services.  I have never heard a client or family member state that Obamacare keeps them up at night.

A recent Kaiser Health News article discussed the five important health care issues Presidential candidates aren’t talking about.  The issues include out of pocket health care spending, cost of prescription drugs, long-term care, Medicare, and dental care.


Long-term care and related health issues should be at the forefront of the presidential election policy discussion.  Is it a difficult topic to discuss with difficult solutions – absolutely?  However, it is a topic worthy of a healthy discussion.  Simply ask one of our clients or their caregivers what they think.

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