Unusual Covid Symptoms in Seniors

covid symptoms in seniors

Physicians and healthcare providers recently began noticing unusual symptoms of COVID infection in older adults.  Rather than the three typical markers – fever, insistent cough, and breathing difficulties – seniors may simply not act like themselves.  Some symptoms may be sleeping more than usual or irregular eating patterns.  Others unusual covid symptoms in seniors could be uncharacteristic dizziness or falls.  

According to Dr. Joseph Ouslander, professor of geriatric medicine at Florida Atlantic University’s Schmidt College of Medicine: “[Seniors’] immune response may be blunted and their ability to regulate temperature may be altered.”  Further, Dr. Ouslander explained that other illnesses could mask more typical signs of infection.  

This is important information for families and caregivers to know.  Watching for these additional symptoms, along with the more typical COVID symptoms, in an aging loved one could result in earlier detection and better health outcomes.  

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