As of this writing, March 21, 2020, due to COVID-19, both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have stay at home orders in place. Additionally, each state has ordered “non-essential” businesses to close, requiring all “non-essential” businesses to work remotely. As much as I feel our elder care law services are essential, we are abiding by all local, state, and federal guidelines and orders.

I hope, as we all do, that when you are reading this, the situation will have dramatically improved, and we can all return to our normal lives. However, two things that did not change –  the needs our clients and their caregivers have, and our steadfast long-term care advocacy. 

As elder care law professionals, our calling is to provide impeccable service to our clients and help them make important life decisions.  Rothkoff Law Group strives to truly touch the lives of each and every person who walks in the door. Unfortunately, during these times of social distancing, we need to find new solutions to provide our important services. One of the primary sources of new clients and professional relationships is face-to-face meetings. In these meetings, we get to know people intimately and make decisions based on trust and intuition.

Today, that practice has vanished. The Coronavirus pandemic has stopped all grassroots social interaction emanating from close relationships, chamber events, seminars, and mixers. One way that we are combating this loss of direct social interaction is by scheduling Zoom meetings. How else might we maintain the momentum of trust, education, and commerce? Here are some ideas we will be implementing in the coming weeks:

  1. Virtual meetings with clients (or old fashioned phone conference calls as needed).  
  2. Video educational seminars for clients and caregivers providing continued advocacy in these difficult times.
  3. Virtual lunches with new or existing professional contacts.
  4. Continuing education for long-term care professionals.
  5. Social media chat rooms for professionals and our clients.

For the past two decades, we have provided educational opportunities for long-term care professionals, our clients, and the public at large. Regardless of the current pandemic, our educational advocacy and educational mission will continue. 

Nothing beats a real-life meeting, but during this challenging time let us band together and conduct business as close to usual as possible. Our clients’ needs will not wait for our world to revert back to the normalcy we once took for granted. 

Elder care law needs still exist during this extraordinary time and in many cases, advocacy is needed more than ever. We recognize the anxiety that both our clients in long-term communities and their loved ones have by not being able to physically be with one another. Our team is here to serve our clients, their families, and our community partners.

For now, let’s resolve to adapt and continue to do what we do best – serve the community and advocate to provide creative and intelligent solutions to enrich our clients’ lives. This is new to all of us. We are in this together. We are part of one community, and together we will get through this crisis. We are here for you and always appreciate your trust and confidence. Please contact our office at 877-475-1101 with elder care law questions or to schedule an appointment. Thank you and be well.