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Elder Law Paralegal for our Cherry Hill, NJ office.

Interested or know someone that would be? Share this post! Here is what we are looking for:

The successful candidate will possess highly refined skills in the areas of
critical thinking, written and verbal communication, attention to detail, organization and information monitoring, and stress tolerance.

Duties include, but are not limited to: 

·       Notes and Correspondence: 
Finalize dictated letters and case notes – sending those notes to appropriate
departments/personnel based on content.

·        Deeds: 
Prepare deeds and supporting documentation for NJ and PA. Execute and record

·        Trusts: 
Prepare, print, execute and obtain IRS EIN # for Trusts. Assist with the funding of client trusts including asset transfers and liquidation of existing accounts.

·        Life Insurance and Annuities: 
Complete and submit surrender, ownership, and/or beneficiaries forms.

·        Annuity Purchase: 
Obtain quotes. Complete annuity application. Review and discuss annuity application with client. Obtain annuity checks/fees. Submit annuity application and/or POA paperwork to annuity company.

·        Documentation of Paperwork:
Scan and link contract to Time Matters and send to client for signature and retention.

·        Interactive Legal System (ILS): 
Enter all client info into system for document preparation. Maintain updates of system and technical support.

·        Estate Planning Documents: 
Edit, prepare, print and execute documents including travel to nursing homes and/or private homes of clients if necessary, scan and link signed originals to TimeMatters. Return signed docs to clients.

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Apply via email to Dayle, Firm Administrator at dayle@rothkofflaw.com.



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