• Elder Care Client Review
    "From our initial meeting 3 years ago to the present, my family and I have been in good hands with Jerold Rothkoff and his team."
  • Elder Care Client Review
    "They have all the right people in place to help... Thank goodness we contacted them."

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A Compassionate and Dedicated Team Serving NJ & PA

You promised your loved one that you would do everything you could to help support them in their later years. But, now, you may be struggling to find that balance between family, work, school, etc. How can you take care of your aging loved one, if you’re running on empty? As the caregiver, YOU have the right to choose a plan of caring that accommodates the needs of both you and your loved one.

You deserve the support of a compassionate and dedicated team of experienced professionals, who know the law and the long-term care system. You deserve a team of professionals who are dedicated to empowering you and your elderly loved one in navigating through the long-term care maze. Most importantly, you deserve a team of professionals who are easily accessible during your time of need.


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We serve Seniors, Individuals with Disabilities, and their Families in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey, protecting their assets and coordinating long-term care.

  1. Your Team

    Rothkoff Law Group is committed to helping seniors and their families with life care planning, medicaid planning, asset protection planning, estate planning, elder care law, nursing home law, veteran’s benefits for seniors and medicaid applications in Southern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania.

  2. Problems of Elderly

    Dealing with a spouse, parent, or other loved one’s deteriorating in health is never easy.  For seniors and their families, coping with illness and loss of independence is difficult enough. On top of this, the added worry of paying for care, whether it be home care, adult medical day care, assisted living, or nursing home care can seem overwhelming.

  3. Long Term Care Maze

    How do you know where to turn in order to get the best care for your loved one? How do you access the resources to help pay for your loved one’s care? It’s no secret that the long-term care system can be a convoluted maze. In addition, as the caregiving child or relative, you’re trying your best to juggle your own responsibilities, at home, with your children and job. How do you make it all work? We assist families in navigating through the long-term care maze.

  4. The Caregiver Puzzle

    Caregiving is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. It’s about identifying resources within the community to ensure that both you and your elderly loved one are supported. In addition, it’s about planning and knowing how to navigate through the legal and financial hurdles to ensure that your loved one’s valuable resources are protected. Most importantly, we assist families in identifying and receiving quality long-term care.


Rothkoff Law Group is committed to helping seniors and their families navigate through the difficult legal issues involving the aging process.

To accomplish this goal, we not only have an expertise in the law, but we also have an understanding of the elderly that allows us to see beyond the myths relating to aging.

At the same time, we will recognize and empathize with some of the true physical and mental difficulties that often accompany the aging process.