To Our Professional Partners, Clients, and Consumers: 

During the past four months, we all needed to change the way we do business, communicate with one another, and continue to provide necessary services. For our elder care office, the challenge was how to continue to be a valuable resource for both consumers and professionals. Through the hard work and commitment of our entire Rothkoff Elder Care Law team, we have implemented the following during the past several months:

  • Facilitated weekly long-term care professional networking Zoom calls during which we offered educational opportunities.
  • Transitioned all of our in-person professional and consumers seminars to webinars which will continue. For an updated list of webinars, please refer to
  • Jerry Rothkoff and Bryan Adler facilitated multiple educational panels of medical and long-term care professionals, along with communal leaders, to keep the public updated as to the effects of COVID-19 and the impact on the community.
  • Our elder care coordinators, with Chelsea Ganssle taking the lead, brought goodwill to area long-term care providers with her “chalk squad”.
  • Facilitated a national town hall with Eloy van Hal, the founder of the Dementia Village in the Netherlands, about the future of long-term care after COVID-19. 
  • Educating our clients and the public about visitation requirements in long-term care communities and facilitated increased communication with our long-term care clients and their families.
  • Providing our clients and their family members weekly Zoom meetings with our attorneys and care coordinators.
  • Jerry Rothkoff and Bryan Adler began virtual interviews of senior advocates entitled “The Frontlines of Advocacy for Seniors – Who’s Who.” You can watch the interviews to date at
  • Jerry Rothkoff and Bryan Adler educated elder law attorneys in both PA & NJ about preparing their offices for a crisis and addressing the needs of their staff.

Our goal is to continue to be the elder care law thought leader in the community. To do so takes the commitment of our entire elder care law team. I want to thank them for their devotion to our office, and more importantly, to the clients and their families we are charged to advocate for.