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Bryan Adler, Esq. is a Philadelphia based Certified Elder Law Attorney with offices in Trevose and South Jersey. Mr. Adler contributes educational articles and is a speaker on elder law topics including: life care planning, asset protection, veterans’ benefits, guardianship and related topics throughout Greater Philadelphia. Mr. Adler is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, serves on the Advocacy and Litigation Steering Committee, a Veterans Administration accredited attorney, a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Elder Law Attorneys and the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association, and a past member of the Hospice of Pennsylvania Ethics Board. Mr. Adler is a council member of the Drexel University School of Law Alumni Council. A graduate of Pennsylvania State University and Drexel University School of Law.

End-of-Life Care Planning

I recently met with a son and daughter; their father in the hospital and needing a transition to long-term care.  When they first called to arrange the meeting, the purpose was to discuss how our team could facilitate a transition from the hospital to a nursing home, assist with protecting resources, and apply for Medicaid.  Between scheduling the meeting and the day of, their father’s health deteriorated shortly after acquiring COVID.   For fear of being impolite, the family kept the appointment.  We spent our time talking about their dad [...]

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Unusual Symptoms in Older Adults

Unusual Covid Symptoms in Seniors Physicians and healthcare providers recently began noticing unusual symptoms of COVID infection in older adults.  Rather than the three typical markers - fever, insistent cough, and breathing difficulties – seniors may simply not act like themselves.  Some symptoms may be sleeping more than usual or irregular eating patterns.  Others unusual covid symptoms in seniors could be uncharacteristic dizziness or falls.   According to Dr. Joseph Ouslander, professor of geriatric medicine at Florida Atlantic University’s Schmidt College of Medicine: “[Seniors’] immune response may be blunted and [...]

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Innovations in Dementia & Senior Care

With the astounding level of focus and attention given the medical interventions to slow, reverse or prevent dementia and age-related disease, and the equally astounding lack of progress, I find too little attention is given to innovations and advances made by individuals and corporations worldwide.  Many people are familiar with the Dementia Village concept originating in the Netherlands, but organizations around the globe are developing their own innovative care concepts.  IKEA – the provider of flat pack everything, including affordable housing units called BoKlok – plans to offer a [...]

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I Am Just The Kid

Several years ago, my parents were planning an overseas trip to Israel.  A month or so prior to their anticipated departure, my dad mentioned in passing that my parents needed to update their Wills; having not done so in 20 years.  I imagined that, in the back of their minds, the fear of an accident while abroad triggered this discussion. Bearing in mind that I am a nationally recognized expert in elder law, a practice area that encompasses estate planning, I offered my services free of charge.  I would [...]

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Thank You Betty

I fell backwards into Elder Care Law.  During law school I had the high-minded ambition of becoming a white shoe litigator at a big downtown firm.  A brief stint doing so culminated with the realization that litigation was not for me. With that disenchantment, I started a simple estate planning practice out of my spare bedroom. I truly enjoyed estate planning – not drafting the documents so much as the relationships I built with clients and professionals.  Gone were the countless hours of case law research behind the computer. [...]

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Advocating for Long Term Care in Pennsylvania

As our loved ones age their need for healthcare and personal assistance tends to increase.  Whether your loved one is in the early stages of dementia, undergoing short term rehabilitation after a hospital admission, or in need of long term nursing home care, accessing the best care and figuring out how best to pay for it, can be overwhelming burdens.  Whenever this journey begins, advocacy is important to address all of these issues. Our clients are often shocked to learn that while Medicare pays for short-term rehabilitation in a [...]

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End of Year Reminder: Your Life Care Plan

With 2017 winding down, it is a good time to review your life care goals, including financial, personal, and legal. 1. Financial Review Meet with your financial advisor to review your personal finances.  The items to discuss vary depending on your age and health.  However, it is always a good idea to review the composition of your investments, including retirement accounts, insurance options (life, long-term care, disability, etc.), and your saving and investment strategy to assure that they are appropriate for your personal goals. Also, if you are at [...]

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Planning for Loved Ones with Special Needs

Those with special needs are often eligible for or already receiving public benefits such as income benefits and Medicaid.  However, eligibility for these benefits is often “means tested”.  In other words, if an individual has money he or she is not eligible for these benefits.  This can be a problem for parents or grandparents of special needs children, or for individuals with health issues.  Fortunately, appropriate planning can protect these funds while preserving eligibility for benefits. 1) Special Needs Trusts A Special Needs Trust or “SNT” is used specifically to [...]

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What is Your Life Care Plan?

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”  I remember this question from guidance counselors in high school, career counselors in college, and prospective employers in the real world.  In those instances, the idea was to identify educational and career goals.  However, I find myself frequently asking this of our clients. Over the past several years I noticed a trend in planning.  Children of aging parents are now coming to our office seeking assistance developing a comprehensive plan designed to make sure they can access high-quality long-term care when [...]

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Dementia and Life Care Planning: 3 Reasons to Start Early

Dementia never appears in an instant.  Rather, it is a gradual decline that families often initially attribute to “forgetfulness”.  The prevalence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is increasing with an estimated 16 million suffering from the disease within the next 35 years.  Knowing and accepting this reality is a great first step, planning for it is the next. It is important to plan for the possibility that you may need dementia related care, often referred to as “memory care”, for several reasons: 1. Residential If you or your family [...]

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Essential Documents to Avoid a Crisis

We insist that every client walking through our door have a standard set of documents that are needed to assist in an array of the situation.  While this is often referred to as “basic estate planning”, it is actually rather complicated.  The following is a breakdown of the three documents: 1) General Durable Power of Attorney This POA allows you to designate someone as your “Agent” to make personal and financial decisions on your behalf. This document can be as broad or as limited as you wish.  However, as [...]

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Life Care Planning – A Legacy Worth Planning

A local personal care home recently invited me to speak to a dementia support group hosted in their community.  I was asked to speak on options available to finance the high cost of long-term care and options to protect assets, particularly for a spouse.  15 people attended. Before we started, I asked everyone to briefly introduce themselves and why they joined the group.  As the stories poured out, a common theme emerged:  While a few mentioned financial or legal concerns, every attendee expressed care concerns.  Each one expressed worry [...]

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Planning for Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

  Over the past decade, baby boomers have watched their parents impoverish themselves paying for long term care; often because a health crisis necessitated an unexpected need for such care.  Having watched this happen, more and more adult-children are seeking options available now to protect their assets in the event they have a long term care need in the future. While public benefits, such as Medicaid, may be available to pay care costs, these programs have strict financial eligibility requirements.  Medicaid also has a “look-back” to determine whether an [...]

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The Value of an Elder and Life Care Planning Attorney

“Find the best, most independent care possible and figure out how to pay for it without going broke”. This summarizes our goal as an Elder Law Firm and almost always the goals of our clients and their loved ones.  Unfortunately, this seemingly simple goal is exceedingly complex. The focus of Elder and Life Care Planning attorneys is on helping individuals identify an appropriate level of care, access available personal resources and public benefits to offset the costs of that care, and protect assets for a healthy spouse or as [...]

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A New Year’s Resolution for an Elder Care Plan

On January 1, many of us find ourselves joining our friends and family in making a New Year’s Resolution.  According to Nielsen the top new year’s resolution is to get fit or physically healthier. Also, about half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% succeed. With the New Year comes an opportunity to not only review and enhance your physical fitness, but also your legal and financial fitness.  Regardless of your age, consider the following if resolving to develop a comprehensive life and long term care plan: [...]

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