By Jacinda Graham, Client Services Director  

I am proud to report that the team at Rothkoff Law Group has adapted well to operational changes required by the COVID-19 pandemic. Life has changed for all of us. For the safety of ourselves and those we care about, we have been forced to distance from our friends, family, clients, professional partners, and our co-workers. Like most small businesses during this time, Rothkoff Elder Care Law Group was forced to change the way we do business and find a ‘new normal’.

Operational Changes at Rothkoff Law Group

Our new normal entailed almost our entire staff working from home, conducting client and staff meetings via phone and Zoom, and entirely revamping our educational and marketing plan so that we are now able to offer ongoing professional and consumer education via virtual platforms. Things that used to take 10 minutes now take 10 hours. I know what you’re thinking…who cares? These are the same operational changes that every business has had to make during this time.

And you know what? You’re right. However, I don’t believe that every business has been lucky enough to experience some of the good that has come out of this otherwise difficult work situation. We were forced to change processes and procedures that will ensure even better customer service and advocacy going forward. Although our team has always been very much that, a TEAM, I now hear someone volunteer to help a co-worker with tasks every day that goes by.

Kudos to Our Dedicated Staff

Mostly, I cannot say enough about the emotional support that the team at Rothkoff Law Group provides to one another. Since we’ve been socially distanced, we have implemented virtual birthday parties, spontaneously told bad jokes to each other during daily meetings, received ‘You are amazing’ handwritten cards from one of our elder care coordinators, taken the time to call each other just to see how someone is doing… and the list goes on.

Although the past several months has been difficult in many ways, I’m thankful for the team that I work with every day. I truly believe that’s how we have managed to get through the tough days. In addition to being dedicated to advocating for seniors and those with disabilities that we serve, we are also dedicated to advocating for each other.