As we move into the second year of dealing with the effects of COVID-19, at the present time, most of our office team continues to be hard at work with the assistance of technology. We continue to be very productive working remotely, and are at the office when needed to meet with clients or perform tasks they cannot accomplish remotely. However, as more of our clients and staff are fully vaccinated over the coming weeks, we expect to start engaging in more in-person client appointments and have more staff return to the office. However, we will continue to give our team members the flexibility to continue to work remotely as long as the needs of our clients can continue to be met.

We have updated our professional and consumer seminars and webinars for 2021. All of our firm’s vast educational and networking opportunities for professionals and the public will continue to be offered exclusively in a virtual setting until further notice. You may review all our updated 2021 professional and consumer events at

Wishes for continued good health to all of you.