As a wife, mother, caregiver daughter, full-time employee of the Rothkoff Law Group, member of the PTA at my six-year old son’s school, and  “official driver” to all of my son’s extra-curricular activities, there are many times that I feel overwhelmed and alone in my efforts to balance all my commitments and roles. Especially, […]

For most of us, the holiday season is filled with joy. We get to spend time with loved ones, enjoy delicious holiday foods and share meaningful gifts with one another. At the same time, the holiday season can also be the cause of much-added stress and this can be especially true for the elderly and […]

As the Geriatric Care Coordinator here at Rothkoff Law Group, I speak with our clients’ caregivers frequently about the importance of recognizing and addressing caregiver stress and burnout. The high demands of caregiving make doing so essential for both the caregiver and their loved one. The WebMD website offers a quick and easy to read slideshow on […]

I’ve received a lot of e-mails from area New Jersey and Pennsylvania caregivers asking about how to best care for mom and dad within the context of a large family. Oftentimes, when it’s time to make a major decision about your loved ones care, your brothers and sisters are either flying in or driving in […]

New research from PHI, the nation’s authority on the direct-care workforce, sheds light on this critical segment of the U.S. workforce. Released in conjunction with Labor Day, which commemorates the contributions of the American worker, this new data illuminates the realities of direct-care workers.  The research shows that industry reports continually show high turnover rates among […]

This Fall, my son will be turning 6 and my daughter will be turning 3.  Yet it seems like only yesterday I was struggling with the fear, anxiety and guilt of placing my 3-month old son in the hands of a caregiver while I went back to work full-time.  Questions ran through my mind, how […]

After Labor Day, the Presidential campaign really heats up.  Over the next 9 weeks, you would think the candidates would be speaking on key issues that are of great importance to the average American – like caregiving and the cost of long-term care.  To date, both Clinton and Trump have largely been silent on these issues.  The article below outlines the major […]

As an elder care law firm with four social workers on staff, we know the importance of educating the caregiver.  A recent California study has shown that training mainly family in-home caregivers in CPR, first aid, infection control, medications, chronic diseases and others area has resulted  in a significant decline in emergency room visits and re-hospitalization. Currently, […]

I recently ended the second of my caregiving experiences in 2016, my beloved cousin died last month. For the last two months of her life I had the pleasure of moving in to her house to see her through the end of her journey in this world (thanks to a very understanding husband). Working full […]

As the caregiver child, you’ve done everything you can to ensure that your elderly loved one was taken care of until the day that he/she passed. You are attempting to get a handle on your own feelings of grief, but how do you support the surviving spouse? Your mother, father, aunt, or uncle was with […]

What are the Different Types of Caregivers? Looking to procure a caregiver for a loved one? Between deciding amongst the myriad of home care agencies and selecting the appropriate type of attendant, hiring a private caregiver can feel overwhelming. There are several different types of caregivers who provide services to older adults and individuals with […]

Below is our lead article from our 2016 Spring newsletter just out: 16 YEARS OF ELDER LAW ACCORDING TO SPRINGSTEEN, by Jerold E. Rothkoff My wife, knowing that I am a huge Springsteen fan, recently gave me a new wallet as a gift with a Springsteen quote engraved on the wallet.  This wonderful, thoughtful gift […]

Many caregiver children of aging parents contact us after a medical crisis occurs.  The children are typically scrambling to understand their parents’ finances in order to pay bills, determine which accounts still exist, pay taxes, and determine how to afford potential long-term care expenses.  We help the caregiver children with accessing quality care and how to plan with the […]

We are hearing many things from the Presidential candidates, both good and bad.  However, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, the one important topic that is not being debated is how an increasing elderly US population will pay for future long-term care expenses.  This is one of the most important public policy issues facing our […]