We have attempted to provide some semblance of normalcy regarding our services and outreach after over 18 months of revamping business practices and our interactions with clients and our professional partners. We originally scheduled in-person professional appreciation events for the end of September and a client appreciation event for early December, as we have done in previous years. Unfortunately, due to the Delta variant, we decided to postpone these large in-person events and will reschedule them and/or turn these events into a virtual event.

We believe we have a duty to protect our senior clients, the public, and our entire team, especially since we work with many individuals with chronic health care issues.

We continue to meet with clients either in person or virtually, and will continue to give clients the opportunity to interact with us via a medium that best meets their needs. We have updated our professional and consumer seminars and webinars for 2021. All of our firm’s vast educational and networking opportunities for professionals and the public will continue to be offered exclusively in a virtual setting through the end of 2021. You may review all our updated 2021 professional and consumer events at rothkofflaw.com/events.

Wishes for continued good health to all of you.