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Elder Care Law Case Study – Addressing the Needs of an Elderly Parent and Her Special Needs Adult Child

Mary’s mother and sister needed help. Lots of it. The sister, Violet, is developmentally disabled and needs 24-hour care. Janice, their mother, was Violet’s sole caregiver for over 50 years. Mary knew that Janice was becoming increasingly confused, but it seemed like she was still taking great care of Violet. Then, Janice and Violet went for a long walk that ended with them wandering into a local nursing home and Janice asking if they could move in. Alarmed, a manager at the facility called for help. Janice was admitted [...]

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What Seniors Need to Know About the New Stimulus Package

The new $900 billion stimulus package was signed into law last week in order to address the continued health and economic fallout of the COVID pandemic. The relief measure includes a one-time $600 payment per eligible adult and child, but those $600 payments are not the only provision seniors should know about. The coronavirus relief package was included as a part of a $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill, which also contained changes to key senior programs. Here are some of the legislation’s most important provisions for older Americans. $600 [...]

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A Caregivers Guide to How the Holidays Affect those with Alzheimer’s

Let's look at how the Holidays Affect those with Alzheimer’s. November not only brings with it the beginning of the holiday season and a time of gathering and celebrating with our loved ones, but it has also become a time to educate people about Alzheimer’s Disease. Thirty-Seven years ago, in 1983, President Ronald Regan declared November National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. At that time, there were under 2 million people living with this disease in the US. Sadly, that number is closer to 5.5 million currently. In fact, Alzheimer’s [...]

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Recognizing and Treating Depression in Older Adults

Recognizing depression in older adults can sometimes be a challenge. National Depression Screening Day is held annually on October 8th. While depression is not necessarily a normal part of aging, it is a serious medical issue that afflicts many older adults. Common life events such as feelings of isolation, losing loved ones, retirement, undergoing serious medical procedures, or receiving a new medical diagnosis may contribute to these feelings of loss and sadness. Depression in older adults may often go unnoticed and undiagnosed in older adults. Symptoms of mental health [...]

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The Importance of Nursing Home Care Plan Meetings

As an elder care law firm, our emphasis is on health care advocacy via our five elder care coordinators. For those clients in a nursing home setting, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vitally important to engage in health care advocacy since loved ones are unable to regularly visit or participate in person in care plan meetings. This article will discuss what is a care plan meeting and why it is so very important for families to participate in the care plan to be aware of their loved [...]

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Caring for Elderly Parents as an Only Child

Let's look at the challenges of caring for elderly parents as an only child. Growing up as an only child, I would repeatedly ask my parents why I did not have a sibling. I vividly remember my mother’s response. She believed in “one child per family.” While most of my friends had larger families, I did not readily accept this somewhat odd response, but I moved on. Now, at age 50, I have come to realize that the question I should have been asking was what will happen when [...]

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Parenting Your Aging Parents

It is commonplace for an adult child to come to our elder care office feeling exasperated due to the perceived stubbornness of his/her parent.  The adult child is attempting to help the parent receive needed care at home or attempting to convince the parent to transition to an assisted living community.  The parent feels he/she is fine on their own, demands the home health aid to leave the home, and/or refuses to go to an assisted living community.  What can the adult child do under these circumstances? Kaiser Health [...]

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New AARP Report Emphasizes Urgency in Supporting Caregivers

As Washington continues to be embroiled in the impeachment hearings and the Democratic Presidential election goes on, according to a new report from AARP, about 12% of Pennsylvania and New Jersey adults are caregivers. Pennsylvanians provided $18.2 billion in care compared with $12.9 billion for caregivers in New Jersey. Nationally, the nation’s 41 million family caregivers provided $470 billion worth of unpaid care to their loved ones. The report, released last Thursday, is based on an analysis of four surveys of family caregivers between 2015 and 2018.  AARP called [...]

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4 Respite Ideas for Caregivers of the Elderly

Caring for an elderly parent or family member is a noble task, but it's also an exhausting one. Not only do caregivers have a job, family, or life of their own to dedicate time to, but they simply need a break once in a while. The job of a caregiver is both physically and emotionally taxing, and if no breaks are taken, the job can be even more of a challenge. Like any other type of job, breaks are important. It's why the average job allows for evenings, weekends, [...]

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Interview Questions for Hiring a Caregiver for Seniors

As your Mom or Dad gets older and starts facing certain health-related issues, you'll want to ensure that they receive the best care possible. Even if you have the drive and the availability to care for your parents yourself, you may quickly realize that caring for ailing parents can be extremely challenging and stressful. That's precisely why there are caregivers available specifically to care for seniors, no matter what ailment they are dealing with and no matter how severe their symptoms are. That said, it can be difficult to [...]

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A Recap of a Wonderful Day of Learning – New Jersey Elder Care Symposium

On April 12, 2018 over 230 long-term care professionals gathered at the Doubletree Hotel in Mt. Laurel, NJ for a full day of learning and networking at the inaugural Rothkoff Law Group Eldercare Symposium entitled, “Eldercare: What Will the Future Bring?” The day starting with an esteemed panel of experts on the landscape of elder care today and tomorrow, a discussion facilitated by Jerry Rothkoff. The panel consisting of Lowell Ayre, President, Aging & Disability Policy and Leadership Consulting, LLC, Wendy Campbell, President and CEO, Alzheimer’s Association, Delaware Valley [...]

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Miguel Burgos 2018 NJ Caregiver Award Winner

April 12, 2018 (Mt. Laurel, NJ) - At the New Jersey Elder Care Symposium, Rothkoff Law Group announced the 2018 New Jersey Caregiver Award winner. Caregiver professionals throughout Southern New Jersey had the opportunity to nominate an outstanding caregiver in their community who offers exceptional service to an elderly person. The selection process was difficult with many heartfelt nominations of worthy caregivers. During the luncheon at the NJ Symposium the 3 finalist along with their co-workers were recognized for their outstanding commitment to their work. Meet the 2018 Finalists Miguel [...]

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Resources For Caring For An Aging Parent

We regularly assist a child in caring for an aging parent.  Our elder care law office helps the family navigate the long-term care process by providing access to home and community services including VA benefits, Medicaid benefits, and advocacy to get the best care for your loved one. The current  issue of Consumer Reports Magazine gives some excellent advice to caregiver children attempting to assist a parent needing assistance.  You can report the related Consumer Reports articles at the below link. Consumer Reports

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The Importance of Caregiver Support

A recent study emphasizes the importance of caregivers obtaining support.  According to a recent study by UC Berkeley, patients with dementia may actually die sooner if their family caregivers are mentally stressed. From 2007 until 2016, UC Berkeley researchers tracked the mortality of 176 patients with neurodegenerative diseases that are corrosive to brain function. They also measured the mental health of the family members who took care of them.  Their findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, indicate that patients tended by caregivers with [...]

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Advice for Caregivers & Dementia Patients

As a social worker, I am often asked how I stay calm and patient, when interacting with a dementia client, who presents with tear-fullness and confusion, or asks repetitive questions. Here are three tips: 1) I take a deep breath and speak with the dementia patient, slowly and calmly.  Our patients, whether they are diagnosed with dementia or not, can read our body language and sense our emotions. Therefore, for a patient diagnosed with dementia (who is already presenting as agitated and tearful), I check my emotions at the [...]

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