Reflections on the 4th Annual Rothkoff Law Group Elder Care Symposium

On October 21st, 2021, we held our fourth annual Rothkoff Law Group Elder Care Symposium. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, the Symposium was held virtually for the second year. We want to thank all of the attendees, exhibitors, presenters, and generous sponsors who helped support the Symposium. We are proud to announce all Symposium ticket sale proceeds will benefit HFC, Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogan’s national non-profit dedicated to caring for families impacted by Alzheimer’s disease, inspiring the next generation of Alzheimer’s advocates, and being leaders in brain research and education.  Upon logging into the Symposium platform, [...]

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Planning Ahead for the Medicaid Look-Back Period

What is a Medicaid Look-Back Period, and why should you be concerned about planning ahead for Medicaid benefits? We encounter the following factual scenario on a regular basis, which will shed some light on why you may want to start planning now. Mom can no longer live independently. Mom sells her house and moves in with her son and his family. Son uses mom’s money to remodel or add an addition to his home and to help pay household expenses, such as utilities, food, maintenance. Mom never puts anything in writing indicating son can use her money for such expenses. [...]

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Recognizing and Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

In addition to advocating for the needs of our clients, the Rothkoff Care Coordination team often addresses the need of the caregiver with whom we communicate, including the impact of caregiver burnout. A caregiver is typically a spouse or adult child who is assisting with tasks ranging from meal preparation and medication management to physically assisting their loved one with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, and grooming. Sometimes caregiving simply involves concern over the aging loved one’s wellbeing and checking to make sure this loved one is okay. Caregivers provide this support out of love, respect, and a [...]

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“Shared Living” – Older Parents Living with their Adult Children

“Shared Living” is a term that can refer to parents moving in with their adult children. This type of shared living has become more common in recent years for many reasons. Parents may move into their adult children’s homes because of financial or medical reasons, as well as to simply strengthen family bonds. The Covid-19 pandemic has also spurred an increase in shared living as families have been concerned about the high incidence of infections of Covid-19 in nursing homes and other senior living alternatives. Recently, a friend and his siblings worked together to assist their mother in her move [...]

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Addressing the Needs of an Elderly Parent and Her Special Needs Adult Child

Mary’s mother and sister needed help. Lots of it. The sister, Violet, is developmentally disabled and needs 24-hour care. Janice, their mother, was Violet’s sole caregiver for over 50 years. Mary knew that Janice was becoming increasingly confused, but it seemed like she was still taking great care of Violet. Then, Janice and Violet went for a long walk that ended with them wandering into a local nursing home and Janice asking if they could move in. Alarmed, a manager at the facility called for help. Janice was admitted to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, and Janice was placed [...]

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What Seniors Need to Know About the New Stimulus Package

The new $900 billion stimulus package was signed into law last week in order to address the continued health and economic fallout of the COVID pandemic. The relief measure includes a one-time $600 payment per eligible adult and child, but those $600 payments are not the only provision seniors should know about. The coronavirus relief package was included as a part of a $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill, which also contained changes to key senior programs. Here are some of the legislation’s most important provisions for older Americans. $600 Stimulus Checks The stimulus package authorizes a one-time $600 relief payment [...]

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